20 Best Websites for Finding European Visa Sponsor Jobs in 2023

If you are looking for a legit website to find European visa support jobs. We can definitely help you!

Have you dreamed of escaping to a historical city of Europe? quaint coffee shop and fairytale landscapes That dominates your imagination when stuck in a traffic jam or stuck in another pointless meeting?

Are rising costs and economic uncertainty making you dream of greener European pastures filled with visa sponsored jobs awaiting skilled expats like you?

This article reveals 20 amazing websites for finding European visa support jobs.

Whether you are a technology expert, a tutor, a financial guru. or engineering genius You will discover the top websites. To finally get an advocate position in your field.

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Here are the best websites to find European visa support jobs in 2023:

1. Linkedin

With more than 875 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is the leading professional networking site for finding visa sponsorship jobs in Europe.

You can search for open positions. Connect with recruiters and join industry groups specific to the European region or visa support.

LinkedIn makes it easy for you to apply and contact hiring managers. Create a strong LinkedIn profile by highlighting your skills and experience to catch the attention of employers.

Search for Visa Sponsor jobs by location and filter by. “Visa Sponsor” under Benefits to view relevant vacancies.

2. Definitely

Indeed, it remains one of the most popular general job search engines. This site indexes open positions from thousands of company websites and job boards.

When searching for jobs on Indeed, add “visa Sponsor” or “Work Visa Sponsor” to your keyword search. You can further filter results by country.

It is actually a great starting point to explore European Visa Sponsorship jobs across a wide range of fields in one place.

3. Angel List

If you’re in the tech industry, AngelList is your resource to find innovative startups and tech companies in Europe.

Create a strong developer profile highlighting your skills, experience, and interests. Follow companies you’re interested in and turn on job alerts.

Use advanced search to filter by visa support and European country. Angel List makes it easy to identify fast-growing EU startups that are willing to relocate.

4. move.me

Relocate.me is a job board specifically for technology professionals who want to work abroad.

Enter your skills and experience. The site will then match you with sponsored visa roles at thousands of tech companies and startups around the world.

Search and filter by interesting European countries and cities. Create job alerts tailored to your needs.

Relocate.me also provides visa assistance and helpful moving services once hired.

5. EuroEngineer Jobs

EuroEngineerJobs Part of the Engineered Career Network, it lists thousands of engineering positions across Europe that offer visa support.

Major engineering employers such as Siemens and Bosch have applications available here. Filter your search by country and city to identify opportunities.

This site allows you to upload your work history. This is so that recruiters can contact you about suitable positions.

Sign up to receive customized job alerts based on your engineering expertise, location, and visa needs.

6. eFinancialCareers

Professionals looking for European visa support work in finance, banking, accounting and insurance should turn to eFinancialCareers.

Enter your experience level and your specialty to find matching opportunities. Search by specific European countries and cities.

eFinancialCareers It also provides useful relocation advice, such as salary guides, tax information and interview tips for various European destinations.

7. EuroScienceJobs

Recruitment committee for this specific group Part of the Science Careers network, it is aimed at scientists seeking visa sponsorship roles in Europe.

Important research institutes and universities In Europe, scientists are open here. Filter your search by country, city, and field to find matches.

EuroScienceJobs also shares the latest articles on finding work and visas in Europe as an international scientist.

8. Scroll

Designed for international teachers, Schrole works with K-12 schools and colleges around the world looking to fill teaching vacancies.

Create a teacher profile outlining your experience, skills, and the subjects you are certified to teach.

Schrole will match you with teaching and study jobs in Europe that offer visa support. Search for opportunities by specific country or city.

9. Euro Brussels

Euro Brussel lists thousands of English-speaking roles with institutions, associations, NGOs. and the EU lobbying organization in Brussels. Belgium

These groups often hire and support world-class talent. Find current job vacancies in policy, communications, human resources, IT and other functions.

Euro Brussel also offers visa and immigration advice tailored to the Brussels area.

10. Academic position

This job site connects researchers, professors, and PhDs with educational and research institutions that offer visa support around the world.

Search for open academic roles by field and filter by European country and city.

Academic placements also provide detailed visa information advice on how to obtain work permits and residence permits in different countries. in the European Union as an academic

11. Euro London

Euro London Jobs based in the UK. Post an English-speaking position in London and surrounding areas that provides visa support.

Search thousands of job openings in fields like finance, law, technology, science, healthcare, and more.

Filter by your profession and interesting areas in London. EU-specific resources provide advice on applying for a UK work visa and relocating to London.

12. Startup events in Berlin

Berlin is a leading technology and startup hub in Europe. BerlinStartupJobs is the leading recruitment board in English to find Visa Sponsorship roles with innovative Berlin startups and tech companies.

Create a job seeker profile outlining your skills, experience and work permits needed to connect with supportive employers in Berlin.

13. Madrid Employment

This niche job site focuses exclusively on English-speaking and bilingual roles in the Spanish capital.

Companies here often hire and support global talent from overseas. Search and filter openings by category and company.

Find helpful employment resources about obtaining a work visa and immigrating to Madrid as an expat.

14. Lisbon Emprego

Lisbon Emprego or “Lisbon Jobs” in English is Portugal’s leading job website with thousands of job vacancies. with employers willing to hire and support world-class talent

Use the built-in translation to change the site to English. Find out Lisbon’s role by sector. Then filter by “International Offers” to see a list of visa sponsors.

15. Startup event in Munich

Munich is another thriving startup and tech hub in Europe. MunichStartupJobs Helps qualified foreigners find visa sponsoring roles with innovative companies in Munich and the surrounding Bavarian region.

Find IT, engineering, marketing, finance and other positions that offer a Blue Card and other work visas.

16. Expatriate jobs in Vienna

This Vienna-focused job site plays an English-friendly role in a variety of sectors. that provides immigration services for foreigners and visa support

Popular categories include IT, Engineering, Science, Consulting, Teaching, and more.

Resources to help guide international applicants through the Austrian visa process. Create job alerts tailored to your background and Austria visa needs.

17. Remote Europe

Remote working roles with European companies are another option for visa support. If you received a remote job offer before moving

EuropeRemotely 100% remote work included, with European employers happy to handle legal documentation and visa support.

Search and filter job vacancies by country, role type, skills and more.

18. Owl work

OwlJobs is a global job board with search filters designed specifically for job seekers seeking visa support.

Enter your target country and select it. “Visa Sponsor” under job qualifications to view relevant European vacancies.

Use advanced search to filter by industry, role type, and specific city. Sign up to receive email alerts about new European visa jobs matching your background.

19. Euro Event

EuroJobs is part of the European Job Mobility Portal, bringing together English-speaking job vacancies across Europe posted on its website. Job board and job recruitment sites

Broad search By keyword or filter by occupation, country, contract type and more, find items tagged as visa friendly.

Resources provide advice on securing EU work authorization.

20. European Event Day

Trade fairs called European Job Days are held in different cities. Across Europe connects job seekers with employers from across the European Union.

Participating in big activities These will allow you to meet face-to-face with the recruiter. and be hired immediately if the competition is suitable.

Deutschland Living’s European Job Days calendar lists upcoming trade fairs by country and city.

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Finding an employer willing to sponsor a visa is the biggest obstacle for expats seeking a work permit in Europe.

Use the niche job board and search filters recommended in this article to focus on roles that provide transition assistance.

With patience and perseverance paired with sought after skills. You can find many great opportunities to earn sponsored positions. This allows you to live and work abroad in Europe.

Frequently asked questions

Technical roles in high demand fields such as IT, engineering, science and teaching often come with visa support. alongside multilingual positions in multinational companies and EU institutions.

The UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Spain and Ireland play many visa support roles. Although there are opportunities across the EU.

What is an EU Blue Card work permit?

The Blue Card provides residence and work permits for highly skilled foreign professionals in occupations with labor shortages across the EU. Use the minimum salary level

Emphasis on technical expertise English/Language proficiency Educational information and specific skills that are sought after on your resume.

Learn about the visa application process and have the necessary documents ready to show that you are ready.

Employers must have documentation regarding qualifications. Language ability Passport/ID card details and qualifications to live and work legally to begin completing visa documents. Proof of funds may also be required for relocation.

Can I apply for a European job from abroad?

Yes, most employers accept international applications. Some even arrange a Skype or telephone interview before you receive your visa.

However, you will usually need to find work before you can get a work visa.

Consider the cost of living, housing, health care, banking, taxes, transportation, and cultural adjustments to your new location.

Many employers offer moving assistance services to help new employees acclimate.

Often, yes, many European work visas allow your spouse/dependant to gain supported residency status when you receive employment support. Check country-specific policies

How long does it take to get a work visa?

Processing times vary by country and visa program. Although in many places it takes an average of 1-3 months.

Seek assistance from your employer’s immigration department in applying in advance. By preparing the necessary documents immediately to avoid delays.

Depends on visa conditions With a visa such as the Blue Card, you can easily change jobs after more than 12 months, if the new position qualifies.

Other visas may require filing new employer documents or even reapplying.

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