4 makeup trends for 2022

Natural and lots of luminous are at the heart of the 2022 makeup trends. Colors and textures are also among this year’s most honored cameos. Voyons de plus près 4 2022 makeup trends.

natural and satin colors

Natural dyes and eclatants are etched into the makeup trends of 2022. They are delicately applied and subtiled with tints for a matte glow and eclatant look. without using blush

The trend in satin dye makeup has been to combine dyes with subtilité and legaret. Pour ce faire, l’utilisation d’un fond de teint avec un fin éclatant (mais pas Glowy) est. préconisée Using a foundation is essential for mixed grasses.

Pour les peaux particulièrements ternes, il est possibile d’utiliser de l’hihglighter sous form de crème ou sur les point saillants du visage. NUXE offers Prodigieuse Or® Huile, Hybride entre soin et maquillage, cet Illumineur express offre un irrésistible éclat iridé sans. fini gras !

If you don’t want to be a donor, you’ll want to make use of the visages you want to make, and you’ll be able to make the most of your beauties in a few weeks. If you want to make a new beauté, you’ll be able to make the most of your beauties. NUXE: crème de jour. , crème de nuit, nettoyant and démaquillant,, soins hydratants, huile de visage, contour les yeux, masques et gommages, poudre de Soleil… autant de products pour sublimer votre peau.

Bush Rouge

2022 makeup trends feature the return of red bushes in all their nuances. This charming color makes the color appear brighter and more colorful on the face. Gray, glossy, matte, luminous or translucent, they look amazing.

To get the red color and glamor Finally, choose the right red light for your lighting and find it. If you have enough light Choose to pour bright red light for a volume effect. and apply overliner on the light contours If your fire is Pluto Use the red light in the center of the fire. Then you will see the outside with the door. If your Bouche shape appears in a play or puzzle Apply the base on a smooth surface.

Rhinestone makeup

Rhinestone makeup is part of the spring 2022 makeup trends, popular among social networks. This type of makeup made by Euphoria is characterized by the use of colored rhinestones.

In this style of makeup with rhinestones It will be your normal makeup look with a piece of rhinestone. You can add rhinestones on top of the rhinestones. at Popeyer below or on the outside of the OEil coin according to your needs. Rhinestone makeup can also be done with a high makeup palette.

Colorful eye makeup

The colors you live in are celebrated in the makeup trends of 2022. Sur les yeux uses color surtout des couleurs primaires avec des aplats de fard à paupières.

Pour ce style de maquillage pour les yeux, you can choose flashy colors, bright colors, or dark colors with fine mats. Il est conseillé d’appliquer des aplats intense au level des paupières pour parfaire le tout pour ceux qui n’apprécient pas les couleurs showy, les fards à paupière en demi-teintes (bleu marine or khaki) fera l’affair.

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