8 reasons why you should hire a Wedding Planner

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On this occasion, we will explain to you some good things. that wedding planners can provide throughout your wedding process It’s true that the majority are women, but in this case we wanted to showcase our talent. We are two guys who are passionate about weddings. We will tell you about how it works and our features.

Even wedding planners are experts at planning, organizing, and coordinating. But they can also specialize in design and decoration. As in our case

Without further elaboration, we present these 8 reasons why you should have a wedding planner for one of the most important moments of your life. We won’t lie to each other. As many People say and will say There have been weddings throughout our lives. And there’s no need for a wedding planner. We think times have changed. Our grandparents didn’t have the same needs as us when it came to weddings. And we don’t have the time that you all have.

1. We are your right hand.
We will accompany you through your wedding process from the moment you decide to trust Trende. We will resolve any problems. And we will jointly choose each supplier. From event venues, catering, to invitations or wedding dresses. Don’t forget that we know the sector and we are always up to date with trends. Therefore, we guarantee you a quality wedding.

2. Optimize your economic resources.
We will advise you on how to distribute your budget correctly. Taking into account the first thing that must be hired To see how far we can go And how lavish can you be on your big day? Rest assured that your investment is in the best hands.

3. We understand people
When we meet you We ask you to tell us everything. Everything that comes to mind about your wedding and your wedding story. We’ll be responsible for capturing, shaping and making it all look and feel great. One of the most important things to us is that each celebration is unique and personal. Conveying the essence of the work is important!

4. We are also creative people.
At Trendé Events we have new ideas. to participate continuously If you’re getting married but aren’t sure what the message will be or what your wedding will look like. no need to worry! Here you will get the perfect blend of event experiences to give you ideas. Lots of offers and tools to organize the wedding of your dreams and surprise your guests. There’s nothing better than having two creative and stylish people!

5. We are hosting weddings 24/7.
This is our job. Therefore, it is impossible for anything to be forgotten when planning your day. In the past several months We work day to day to ensure excellent coordination. And we are kept up to date with each process that will be carried out at the ceremony as well as with the suppliers. We really enjoy what we do. We live every step of our life to the fullest. There’s a reason we decided to get on this boat. Because we are passionate about it (Have you read the beginning of Trendé? Click here to read it now.)

6. Say goodbye to stress and start enjoying.
Free yourself from the stress of organizing a wedding when you get home from work or have half an hour to spare. Sometimes and even more so at this time. It is difficult for couples to balance their schedules and allocating some time to wedding planning is nearly impossible! There are many options to check and define. And even verifying that it’s the style they’re looking for can take hours. They may give up and hire a service provider that doesn’t meet their needs. Part of our job, as we have already told you, is to know the wedding sector. So we’ll send you the options you might like the most. This often saves time and money. You should not forget that the wedding lasts only one day. So being able to enjoy the process is important.

7. The best experience for your guests.
Certain tasks are no longer assigned to guests. What if your parents keep an eye on the food? What if your older sister or aunt checks to make sure the decorations are in place? What if your cousins ​​receive the guests? What if your bridesmaids tell the DJ to play at the entrance? Brides and endless quests Forget that everyone completed the mission! On that day, you should only think about having fun with your guests. Our mission is to provide the best experience for your guests. So that they enjoy it to the fullest and say: I attended the best wedding ever.

8. Take a breath, everything will be fine.
On your wedding day, unexpected things may happen and you may not even know it. But that’s what we want. We will look for immediate solutions to the most complex situations and guarantee the success of your wedding.


Nowadays there are new things. A lot happened And we always try to lead the way, so if what you’re looking for is an amazing wedding that leaves everyone talking, consider hiring a Wedding Planner from the start. We guarantee you they’ll deliver. Make the best investment of their life.

At Trendé you will never have one person. But there were 2 wedding planners! If you don’t know where and how to start? Even if you have already hired some suppliers. It’s time for us to get to know each other.

We are looking forward to learning more about your wedding.


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