Can I print documents at Walgreens?



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The answer is ‘yes’. You can print documents at Walgreens by uploading the documents to the online printing website. You can print different file types, including PDFs, and choose your collection date.

If your document is small You can get those documents back the way they were. If you have large files Delivery must be scheduled within 3-5 business days. They use high-end, easy-to-use machines to get the job done faster.

You can choose to print on one side or two sides. black and white printing or color printing and staples approximately 25 sheets of paper

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How do I print documents from Walgreens?

Go to the Walgreens web page and click the ‘Print Documents’ tab to print your documents. Once there, select ‘Upload file’ and submit your documents. Select the binding type, page size, cover type, copy, and all other available options.

The most important thing is You will be required to select a transaction based on all the options you have selected. You can pick up the documents in person or have them delivered to your residence within 3-5 business days.

Can you get document laminating at Walgreens?

No, the answer is ‘no’. You cannot laminate documents at Walgreens, but you can print a variety of documents only at Walgreens.

Is this service available both in-store and online?

yes! These products are available at h company pick-up locations or online.

How much does it cost to print documents from Walgreens?

The price depends on the type of document and the number of copies you print.

Cost and price to print multiple single-sided black and white pages on plain paper without a cover or binding for two different paper sizes. Shown in the table below.

Total number of sheets per order 8.5×11 8.5×14
1-99 $0.25 $0.30
100-499 $0.22 $0.27
500-999 $0.21 $0.25
1,000+ $0.20 $0.24
This table shows prices for two different types of paper.

Keep in mind that Walgreens offers discounts if you print in bulk. This means that the more pages you get, the more pages you get. You’ll just pay less.

You may need more information about prices, click

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What types of files does Walgreens accept for printing?

For printing, Walgreens accepts the file types below:

  • Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)
  • Microsoft Word (.doc & .docx)
  • Wordpad (.rtf)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt & .pptx)
  • Microsoft Excel (.xls & .xlsx)
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  • Notepad (.txt)
  • Adobe systems (.tiff)
  • Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
  • Microsoft Paint (.bmp)

How long does Walgreens take to print your documents?

You can choose between two delivery times for your printed materials: Same Day Pickup. or ships within 3 to 5 business days. This option is not available in all locations for same day pickup. Therefore, you should call your local Walgreens in advance to confirm if this service is available.

  • Printing options can be single-sided or double-sided printing. Including black and white or color printing.
  • Attach up to 25 sheets
  • Drill 2 or 3 holes.
  • Holds up to 75 sheets of paper in an 8.5 x 11 staple size with a glossy vinyl cover.

Additionally, large purchases can take between 3-5 business days. You will receive all available options with same day delivery. But they have the same limitations and alternatives, including:

Is there a minimum order quantity?

The answer is no, there is no minimum order.

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Can Walgreens print documents from my phone?

Yes, it is possible, provided you download the Walgreens smartphone app on your iPhone to easily print photos.


You can print documents at Walgreens, but you can’t laminate them. To print your copy, go to the ‘Printing Documents’ section of the Walgreens web page.

There are options to pick up your documents the same day in select stores or have them shipped to your location within 3-5 business days.

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