CBN Higher Education Institution Entrepreneurship Project

About the CBN Higher Education Institution Entrepreneurship Program

Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) as part of policy measures to tackle rising levels of youth unemployment and underemployment. Introducing the Tertiary Institution Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIES) to create a paradigm shift between undergraduates and graduates of Nigerian polytechnics and universities. From seeking white people -Cover work for entrepreneurs

The CBN Tertiary Institutions Entrepreneurship Scheme (TIES) aims to provide an innovative financing model that promotes job creation. Promote entrepreneurial development and support economic growth

CBN TIES Features:

1. Long-term loan


Graduates of Nigerian universities or polytechnics within the past seven (7) years with an interest in entrepreneurship.

Scope of activities:

  • Agribusiness – production, processing, storage and transportation
  • Information Technology – Application/Software Development Business Process Procurement, Robotics, Data Management
  • Creative Industries – Entertainment, Art, Publishing, Cooking/Event Management, Fashion, Photography, Beauty/Cosmetics and
  • Science and technology – medical innovations, robots, ticketing systems, traffic systems, alternative energy, waste management

Requirements for the CBN Higher Education Institution Entrepreneurship Program 2023

Apply online through the designated online portal. ( by providing necessary information and documents such as:

  • First degree and NYSC issuance (or exemption certificate);
  • Valid mobile phone number (linked to your NIN), BVN, NIN, TIN and email address
  • Evidence of business registration (Certified true copy of relevant CAC documents) and
  • Bank account number of the operating company Note: We will focus on innovative entrepreneurial activities with high potential for export, job creation and transformational impact.


Trading activities will not be eligible for funding under the scheme.

Loan Features:

  • N5.0 million for individual/sole proprietor/small company projects and
  • N25.0 million for corporate partnerships/projects.
  • Interest Rate: 5% per annum (9% effective March 1, 2023 or as may be determined by the CBN)
  • Age: Five (5) years
  • Moratorium: 12 months

2. Equity investment


Start-ups, existing businesses are expanding. or a business that is experiencing problems

Scope of activities:

Equity investments must be in enterprises operating within the scope of eligible activities. Applications to participate under the window must be made by submitting an application at

Investment limits:

This is based on the limits set out in the AgSMEIS guidelines.

Investment period:

i. The investment will have a maximum duration of ten (10) years (not later than December 31, 2032).

Second, before resigning there must be a lock-in period of 3 years to promote value creation and increase the management capability of the business.

record: Equity investments must be made under the AgSMEIS Equity window.

3. Development components (Grant)

Polytechnics and universities in Nigeria will compete in a national biennial entrepreneurship competition to create awareness and visibility of entrepreneurial or technological innovations among undergraduate students. Applications to participate under the development window must be made by submitting an application at

A Body of Experts (BoE) will be created from the private and public sectors to evaluate entrepreneurial and technological innovations offered by Nigerian polytechnics and universities.

Polytechnic universities and the top five (5) universities at the national level will be awarded scholarships on the recommendations of the Body of Experts (BoE).

Grant Award:

  • First place – N150.0 million;
  • Second place – N120.0 million;
  • Third place – N100.0 million;
  • Fourth place – N80.0 million; and
  • Fifth place – N50.0 million

The grant will be used specifically for the development of award-winning innovations. and to support research and development of high-impact projects within or surrounding the institution’s community.

Scope of activities:

Agricultural business information technology creative industries and science and technology

record: The investment and equity development component (Grant) will start from April 2023. Women entrepreneurs are also encouraged to apply.

For more information on the CBN TIES guidelines and other inquiries, please visit:

Signed: Director of Development Finance Department

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