Dotmod, a high-end electronic cigarette brand

Dotmod is an e-cigarette manufacturer that stands for excellence by definition.

The company’s product designs include envelopes. purés and possèdent une touch qui fait toute la différence: a metal plate on or on some element, such as a brand’s logo.

History of dot mod

Dotmod is a vape supplies brand that launched in 2013 on the west coast of the United States. in the state of california In San Diego, American businesses have reason to imagine a highly cultured form of e-cigarette. La carte jouée par ce producer est double: proponent à la fois des produits particulièrement performer, mais also has beauty très soignés. The brand has also developed an image creator of a simple and elegant concept.

This is where you can conquer the heart of the reading public: For those who want to, because vape is more than a façon de consommer de la nicotine, but a real way of life, Dotmod is a brand that offers a wide range of electronic cigarettes. Which focuses on the catalog with limited editions Inutile d’en offerr 50, Enough of offers des modèles parfaitement réussis pour que cela prenne auprès des vapoteurs !

In the next few steps, you will be able to see the mods and vapoteurs:

  • Launch of electric cigarettes
  • Advanced electronic cigarettes
  • Electronic cigarette expert

Dotmod is a pris en compte les attentes of différents profils de personnes qui vapotent afin de leur offerr des produits qu’ils pourront utiliser sans le moindre souci, de façon fluide. Pay attention to the functionality and ergonomics of the Dotmod electronic cigarette models and guarantee Good use guarantees maximum comfort and convenience for users.

Dotmod Electronic Cigarette Design

Dotmod electronic cigarettes come in three elegant models and generally come in several colors:

  • light blue
  • I’m not going.
  • Rouge
  • money
  • or

It has come to light that the Nicovip branded e-cigarette boutique is offering a limited edition of Dotmod’s branded products on the internet.

Color will vary temporarily. They are left in the dark for a moment, such as green or orange and purple. The beautiful colors are also beautiful. And another thing is that the anodized aluminum coating is truly quality with dark colors and distinct nuances.

The specificité of Dotmod est son amour pour les lignes courbes en effaçant les angles des Boxes, tout en restant dans la sobriété. The son logo is sublime and so are the tombstones and box mods.

The Dotmod logo has a golden appearance. They attract attention and give this set a three-tiered feel. Retrouve sur le bouton permettant l’allumage de la e cigarette un décor également grave Please note that these are gold-plated buttons. which reinforces Dotmod’s elegant image.

Dotmod is also available at connection level for clearomizers and rebuildable atomizers. The function of this material is to improve the connection between elements. and gives the brand’s materials an unmatched longevity.

Dotmod is a true institution in the vape world. This manufacturer represents the high-end movement in electronic cigarettes.

Dotmod electronic cigarette kit

If you want to make a relative of the modèles of the ecig, please contact us, and we will show you how to make it a success. D’ailleurs, the Marque s’assure of the protéger ses the products of the contrafaçons.

This is a certification system that helps you ensure the authenticity of your e-cigarette.

Voici les différents modèles de e cigarette Dotmod incontournables:

  • DotAOI Kit: ecig 75W for advanced vaping Also available in the DotAIO Mini model, offering 35W of power and a more compact size, the e-liquide reservoir is directly integrated.
  • DotStick Kit: ecig in the form of a tube (cylindrical body) with clearomizer Il s’agit d’un modèle qui n’a qu’un seul bouton and qui peut s’adapter à des débutants, notamment des gros fumeurs DotStick Kit also. It is optimized for professionals who can replace the clearomizer with a rebuildable atomizer. and use bypass mode
  • Box DotBox: Box mod for use with clearomisers such as DotTank or rebuildable atomizers such as DotRDA, DotMTL or DotRDTA, also offered by the manufacturer.

Dotmod restera longtemps une brand deluxe electronic cigarettes, product pour ses produits hiut de gamme.

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