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Dragnet past questions are of indifferent category.

  • Numerical Reasoning Quiz, which has 20 questions and answers, you can expect to spend 20 minutes on this section.
  • The Verbal Reasoning Quiz consists of 20 questions and answers with a total time of 20 minutes.
  • Abstract Reasoning (Inductive) with 10-16 questions, takes approximately 10 minutes.

Total NIGERIA past questions and answers 2019 are also obtained from this educational park. So I will recommend that if you are selected for this exam. Please message us to get this past question and answer.

How can I get Dragnet Past Questions and Answers Pack?

You can download the Dragnet past questions and answers PDF file by following the steps listed.

  • WhatsApp or call number 09056816975
  • or pay the amount of 2,500 according to the account details below
  • Name: Ukweje Chukwemeka N.

Please note that we are running a promotion making this study kit N1200 until December 12th.

Application conditions!

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