How to answer intrusive questions about your wedding

There are always crazy opinions when you’re planning a wedding. So today we will help you with tips on how to change your questions and answers to answer the most common questions.

4 strategies to avoid intrusive questions

#1 Humor – If you are good at expressing your opinions quickly and with a sense of humor, You can respond with a joke, for example, if they tell you that you spent a lot on your wedding. You can say “The good thing is I earn just a little less than Beyoncé,” and you immediately change the subject.

#2) Change the subject – If you don’t answer, feel free to change the subject. Example: “Oh! You know what it reminds me of?” And you go off on a tangent. If they ask you again You’ll have to do it again hoping they get the hint.

#3) Ask another question – Another way you can avoid the answer is to redirect the question to another person. This will make it clear that you don’t want to answer. For example, I don’t know, do you?

#4) Distract yourself – One of my favorites When they ask you something you don’t want to answer, you’re “distracted by something”: “Oh, wait a minute, I have to go to the bathroom,” “I just remembered I’m not coming back. Call me, give me some time,” or what? Whatever is in your heart happened to you

For those who never stop insisting

If they don’t understand the previous instructions with a good look and a friendly tone, You can ask them: Why do they want to know that? Once he’s answered you and you know why he wants to know. You can answer him if that’s okay with you. But if you still don’t feel like answering You can say things like “I don’t know,” “I don’t want to talk about that,” “I don’t feel comfortable talking about that,” or “I don’t think it’s a good time to talk.” Talk about it. ”

From all of the above You can avoid having to answer questions you don’t want to answer without being aggressive or rude.

Here’s the short answer. For imprudent or annoying questions:

Why stay so far from your wedding?

We really love this place and we know that anyone who wants to join will really love it.

If you have a wedding without children, no one will go.

We sincerely apologize if you were unable to attend. Because this location does not allow children to stay.

you spend too much

We have a budget and we stick to it. Don’t worry about us. Just enjoy yourself.

A wedding is a party, so relax!

For us, this is a very special moment. It is the beginning of a new stage in life that we want to celebrate and fully enjoy with all our guests.

Why so fast?

Why not?

Am I invited?

We’ll celebrate intimately, but we’d prefer to celebrate with you later. / They gave us a ring. I don’t know anything but can’t do it from emotion.

Can I +1 please?

Sorry, we have exceeded the maximum number of guests. And there’s no more room. But we would love for you to join us.

When do children?

For when we feel ready/don’t know you?

Why is the wedding so early? Aren’t you pregnant?

Because we love each other / Will we get married just because we’re pregnant?

And this is if you’re planning your wedding during a pandemic. (Hopefully this isn’t necessary anymore. But I’m keeping it here just in case.)


How careless you planned your wedding during a pandemic.

We are looking for a private and safe celebration for everyone. If you don’t feel comfortable participating, I completely understand.

Don’t cancel again.

hope not

And finally, keep in mind that we don’t recommend lying in response. In general, telling a lie later will make you lie again and make it even more uncomfortable. We hope these answers help you and will give you the tools to help you overcome these opinions.

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