How to sign up for a free trial of YouTube TV



YouTube TV actually does a great job of enticing you with ads. And most importantly, there is a free trial period. If you can’t access YouTube in your area, use the best streaming VPN.

Considering your words And now? Yes, YouTube TV has a free trial. And you can use a reliable VPN to access YouTube TV from countries other than the United States.

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Important things to know about your YouTube TV free trial

When you sign up for a free trial, YouTube TV charges a small fee to verify your credit card.

Your banking institution will receive your payment authorization request and appear on your statement.

YouTube TV will refund the same amount to your credit card immediately after confirming your payment method.

Please note that YouTube TV does not support prepaid credit card payments.

What is the price of a YouTube TV membership?

The price increased by $15 and is now $64.99 including tax monthly.

How long is the YouTube TV free trial?

Although sometimes the company offers a 14 to 30 day free trial for selected networks. But YouTube TV free trials typically last seven days.

Can I cancel my YouTube TV free trial at any time?

Yes, you can, but you won’t have immediate access to services and add-ons.

How do I sign up for a YouTube TV free trial myself?

Please note that YouTube TV no longer supports registering on iOS devices before starting your free trial subscription.

When you have paid for the service You can continue to log in and access YouTube TV through the iOS app.

Open the YouTube TV website on your computer or download the Android app, then follow these steps to sign up for a free trial of YouTube TV.

  • Click the “Try for free” link.
  • Verify your home address by signing in to your Google Account.
  • Check all networks covered by your members. Then select next.
  • It’s a good idea to check which premium networks you want to add to your membership.
  • Verify payment information
  • To complete the transaction, tap Buy.

A free trial allows you to add as many premium networks as you want. But you will not be charged for the service until it ends.

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Can I pause my YouTube TV membership instead of canceling it?

You can do this for up to six months without losing previously saved recordings.

What channels do you get in your YouTube TV free trial?

A free YouTube TV trial is the same as a paid subscription. To give you access to all 100+ YouTube Television networks at the time of writing.

Local broadcasting networks are also included. This is usually accessible in most places.

There are also networks like ESPN, CNN, and many more, so choose one that’s available via cable.

Because YouTube TV packages with more than 100 channels have a lot of overlap.

Read details before registering. Due to various premium add-ons There may be different trial periods.

For example, STARZ offers a 5-day free trial, HBO Max has a 7-day free trial, and Showtime has a 14-day free trial.

You can also watch other similar platforms like CBS and PBS outside the US.

How do I cancel my YouTube TV free trial?

Want to know how to end your YouTube TV free trial? You can end your YouTube TV free trial.

However, you will immediately lose access to all services and add-ons.

Although the company occasionally offers 14-day and 30-day free trials of YouTube TV for specific networks, free YouTube TV sessions last seven days on average.

You can also find out how to fix YouTube TV proxy detection errors.

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Now you need to know the YouTube TV free trial period. The American streaming service named YouTube TV has more than 85 channels.

Members can watch news, TV shows, sports, and more on their devices. YouTube Originals and popular YouTube videos are also accessible through the program.

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