Important weddings of 2023

Do you want to display it at your wedding?

If this year is your wedding year It shows that you have gone through and spent a lot of time preparing and organizing the wedding.

Different from other jobs As you already know, weddings are unique and cannot be repeated. Like birthdays, we will have another one next year. But it’s a wedding, in principle we hope there won’t be another one. Or at least not like you are preparing this.

That is why you want to have a traditional wedding. full of surprises and wow your guests.

From our experience with our 2022 weddings and from examining where wedding trends are headed in 2023, So we leave you with some tips that we believe will work well at your wedding.

  • Glitter corner: It is considered a very strong trend since last year. We wore it specifically to Tamara and Sergio’s wedding, and we guarantee it’s a real hit. Not only are the ladies lining up to join in the party frenzy to make them look divine, but the guys, and first of all, Sergio. our It’s a pleasure to have you stop by Glitter Corner. In addition to entertaining your guests, It also creates cool photos and videos, but the most important thing is that it’s really fun and unique. You can find many companies that do this. We recommend that you choose a company that is registered and meets all legal requirements. We’ll leave the choice to your liking.
  • 360 degrees: It exploded, and in 2023 it’s here to stay. We loved it, and when we tried it it was not only fun and lots of laughs, but when we saw the results, it amazed us even more. There are various companies dedicated in this matter This ensures that they will deliver all the images recorded at the wedding. And your guests can also access it via the download link.
  • Festive weddings: Weddings are usually festive weddings. Do it all at the open bar! If before we were content with the occasional DJ session and live band, Now we have included other elements. It goes with an open bar that is sure to make it “fun” and memorable. We assure you that your guests will be on the return bus. Saying that your open bar is nothing to envy at the festival. In doing this We recommend that you hire a top-notch DJ with a key display. Not only in staging and staging. But it also includes accessories and add-ons such as LED foam sticks, LED capes for the bride, some LED elements for the groom, confetti cannons, cold sparks, co2 guns, if the DJ you hire doesn’t have such a thing. Well, nothing happened! You can buy it yourself and place it in the corner of an open bar. We recommend that you wear costumes and, if possible, bears, dinosaurs, unicorns, etc., different types of dolls. Interact with guests… And it will undoubtedly be a success that will make the wedding go well by combining Musical instruments enter the open bar. Electrical appliances such as saxophones, violins, percussion instruments or guitars 🔥🔥🔥 and fun games such as “shot limbo”, Vidal Events game zone, etc…
  • idea: Finally, we recommend doing something fun. At the open bar, which can be used as a souvenir for your guests. and we choose to watch live cartoons At more than one wedding in May, we had “Your Other Face,” a talented caricature artist. that creates live caricatures for wedding guests to take as a souvenir You need to see the faces of family and friends. When they get caricatured And they saw themselves reflected there. They are shocking!

Here are some ideas to make your 2023 wedding fun. And always remember that the wedding is yours and what you want should happen. It’s not something anyone forces you to do. Here are just some suggestions to get the most out of your enjoyment.

See you from wedding to wedding!

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