Incredible Venue for Your Wedding: Rancho La Cabra

Do you want to celebrate your wedding at a place surrounded by nature? Escape the city but don’t have to get on a plane? If your answer is yes to any of these questions. Please read on because today we want to share with you some amazing locations for your wedding.

Rancho La Cabra is located just 40 minutes from Mexico City, entering the Esmeralda area. Located in the state of Mexico. It was originally a military fortress built by the Spanish crown. And now because this land is surrounded by forest areas Vast valleys, streams and, above all, tranquility welcome nature-loving visitors. and outdoor adventures

There are more than 30,000 square meters of space between private gardens and outdoor areas, offering unique and beautiful views.

Each space at Rancho la Cabra maintains its own unique style and personality. So you can adapt to each moment of your wedding. Can accommodate from 20 to 300 people.

to celebrate your ceremony They have 2 preferred areas:


and the church:

There is a covered terrace for holding banquets.

As a matter of fact They have bathroom service. Wi-Fi, parking and power plant

You can rent Rancho La Cabra just for your event. Starting at 350 pesos per person, they also have premium packages that include:

  • 7 hours service (plus 2 hours courtesy)

  • Welcoming with Fantasy Cocktails

  • A 4-course international menu is served.

  • Torna Wedding

  • Luxurious furniture and kitchenware

  • 6 people can taste

  • Bar and mixer service

  • Waiting staff

  • captain

  • Mixologist

  • Logistics

  • safety

  • Rescue worker

  • Professional DJ

They have an extensive catalog to customize your wedding without neglecting every detail that will give you and your guests a wonderful experience. Some of the additional services include an open bar, cheese table, dessert and savory tables, song lyrics, fireworks display, etc.

An additional service that Rancho La Cabra offers for your wedding is accommodations at Casa de Campo for the weekend. The country house of Rancho la Cabra has a Spanish chalet-style construction of approximately 400 sq m with modern touches.

We hope you love this place as much as we do. And if you are considering this location for your wedding.

We have good news for you!

If you tell them you met them through YoComprometida They will give you:

– Increase service time by 2 hours (total of 9 hours of service)

– They organize commemorative photos of the bride and groom dancing – They give you a special day for a location for photos of the bride and groom – and they make Casa de Campo available in the morning to take care of the bride and her bridesmaid

Do you want to know more about Rancho La Cabra?

Check out the wedding documents they have. here

We also provide you with all contact information:

Meet them on Instagram: @rancholacabra

Located in the state of Mexico: exact location here

Contact the event manager: 5527121365 – Fabricio González

Contact Sales Manager: 5554372921 – Erika Escartin

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