Marital Depression: Causes and Solutions

Marital Depression: Causes and Solutions

It is difficult to say what causes depression in a marriage. But if the relationship is not happy Well, apparently it can lead to depression. If your marriage is causing you distress It’s time for you to consider your options. To make life better Seeking advice from a mental health professional or seeking help from an online marriage service (yes, some matrimonial websites can handle these issues too) depends on your situation. If left unattended Depression can destroy a marriage. But timely treatment increases the chances of saving your marriage. Depression doesn’t just affect individuals. But it also affects the relationships they are involved in, such as marriage.

Factors that cause depression:

If your marriage is making you depressed There may be several factors that cause this. Sometimes it’s your own depression that makes your marriage unhappy and difficult. Although couples undoubtedly face many conflicts that need to be resolved, Screening for signs of depression is equally important. This is because depression can be so toxic that it can cause hopelessness in couples. Several factors can cause depression in a marriage, including:

1. Independence:

The codependent relationship is unbalanced. In a self-reliant relationship One person sacrifices (the giver) for the happiness of another (the receiver), even at the cost of his own happiness. Codependent relationships are quite the opposite of healthy relationships, which are mutually beneficial for both parties.

2. Inappropriate Relationship:

Although abuse may seem rare, it is actually common. especially emotional abuse Abusive relationships can also cause the abused partner to experience depression. Whether you are in an abusive relationship or not. It can be observed from symptoms of depression. Be aware of your symptoms You have to rid yourself of it by changing old habits. It may take time, but you must set new boundaries and reject the abuse. Your partner can take the time to understand that you’ve gotten away from old habits. And they must change immediately as well. Therefore, you must be consistent in your efforts.

3. Far away from each other

Living far from each other puts the couple in a difficult situation. If they have children, everything becomes the sole responsibility of the parents. It also leads to misunderstandings due to lack of communication. So long distance relationships can be a cause of depression or can lead to depression if you already have one.

4. Battle:

If you and your partner argue all the time, it becomes difficult to have a smooth life and good mental health. If there is constant quarreling, one or both parties may feel depressed all the time. This is because your brain starts pumping out cortisol. (stress hormones) because they feel dangerous all the time, which causes depression These fights can lead to a lack of trust and communication over time. This can result in depression.

5. Depression and Marriage:

Research has found that individuals in challenging relationships are more likely to suffer from depression than those who are not depressed. Problematic relationships are therefore a risk factor for depression. Some people experience depression after marriage. When marriage completely changes the way of life It may take time for a person to get used to a new chapter in life and a new set of responsibilities. In this case, people who have experienced depression are more likely to feel depressed after marriage compared to people who have never experienced depression before. For this type of person This phase is only temporary. And they will be able to adapt to their new life later. Your marriage can also depress you if you feel alienated and alone. Lack of communication skills can also be a factor in depression.


If you think you are depressed You need to know that you can remove yourself from this. Below are steps that can guide you through this lifetime.

1. Awareness:

When depression increases Awareness also increases. What hasn’t matured are relationships that can be harmed by depression. and how these relationships can help fight depression. before making any changes in your relationship You must first recognize your problem. Find out what’s wrong in your relationship. Then you will continue editing.

2. Set boundaries:

Once you are aware of your problem You need to set and communicate your boundaries well with your partner. You have to tell them that their behavior isn’t helping. And you have to break old habits. and bring about change in your life. Know that change will come gradually. It happens and nothing happens overnight. And you have to be resolute in trying to propose a new set of rules.

3. Discussion:

Discuss it with your partner so you can both counter it. Because now your lover understands the problem. It’s easier to approach the problem from a depression perspective. This can also help determine that depression is a problem, not your partner.

4. Consulting

If you feel sad all the time It is important that you see a doctor. Your doctor can diagnose you with depression based on your situation. In any case It’s important to get treatment for depression. It doesn’t just affect one person. But it also affects the relationships around them. So try to familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of depression.

Indeed, some matrimonial websites or online marriage services have extended their services beyond matchmaking to provide valuable assistance with a variety of challenges. related to marriage This includes dealing with issues such as depression in marriage. These platforms recognize the importance of maintaining healthy and happy relationships. and offers resources, advice, and counseling to couples facing emotional difficulties in their marriages. By leveraging the expertise of professionals and the convenience of online platforms. Couples can find support and guidance to get through difficult times and work to strengthen their relationship. Ultimately, it will promote a happier, more resilient marriage.

5. Look at the triggers.

Often people think that depression happens all the time, but that’s not the case. Once you are familiar with your signs and symptoms You will be able to check your triggers and avoid such situations.


If your relationship is negatively impacting your self-esteem Consider this a sign of your mental health. Start considering whether you want a lifestyle change with your partner. You can also get help from experts. Remember that you need to be consistent in your actions and be patient as it may take time. You can receive marriage counseling together with your partner. When you struggle with depression You will feel lighter, energized, and hopeful in your marriage.

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