Oxfam jobs and recruitment in 2023

This post is to guide you on how to apply for an advertised position on Oxfam’s job portal, as well as receive the latest alerts in Nigeria for both graduate and undergraduate vacancies.

On this page, we’ll reveal the educational requirements for each job. Job description And other essential things you need to know about Oxfam work in Nigeria.


All applicants are warned not to give cash to anyone posing as an Oxfam employee. Admission is free

Because Oxfam International will be recruiting upcoming All interested and qualified applicants must know all the information necessary to become a part of Oxfa International.

About Oxfam International

Oxfam is an international federation of organizations. (affiliate) 17 companies committed to creating a just world without poverty. In Nigeria, Oxfam works in the areas of economic justice/sustainable livelihoods. Humanitarian projects to save lives Improving gender justice and good governance by adopting a rights-based approach

List of Oxfam job vacancies

Job position
Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning and Social Responsibility Officer at Oxfam Register now
Project Coordinator, Voice Nigeria Project Register now
Director – Programs and Influencers Register now

Other jobs you can consider;

Qualifications/requirements for Oxfam jobs

Eligibility for this offer depends on the job they are applying for. Please apply. put to use now Click the button above to see the specs.

All interested and qualified applicants are asked to read the requirements before applying for this offer. If you want to continue applying for Oxfam Job Recruitment 2023 Please ensure you have read all the presented terms by clicking on Register now top button

Required educational qualifications

Please note that most Oxfam jobs require the following qualifications.

  • University/Bachelor’s Degree

How to apply for Oxfam International Job Recruitment

Please note:

  • The job may no longer be available when you go to the Apply Now page. But we promise to always provide you with the latest updates on this offer.
  • The above work is subject to change.
  • You must visit regularly to get the latest updates.


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