Rishta / Pakistani Foreign Deals

Rishta / Pakistani Foreign Deals

Personal information ️
1: Gender: Female
2: Name (CNIC): Nimra Anwar
3: Age: 27
4: Marital status: Single
5: Skin tone: fair
6: Height: 5″3
7: Weight:55
8: Disability: No
♣️Education details ♣️
1: Qualification: BS Mass Communication (Continuing)
2: School:
3: College:
4: University: aiou

♣️Job details:♣️
1: Position/Rank:
2: Income:
3: Family Income:
️️ Religion details: ️️
1: Religion: Islam
2: Sect: Sunni
3: Caste: Sheikh

♣️Property details♣️
1: House(Rent/Own): Own
2: Size: 1 compartment
3: Any property:
️️Family details♣️
1: Father’s: MCB has retired.
2: Mother: Housewife
3: Siblings:3
4: Sisters:1
5: Married siblings:3
♣️ Address: ♣️
1: Current city: Islamabad
2: Hometown: Islamabad
3: Location: near social welfare
️️Your needs ️️
1: Age: 30 to 35
2: Height:
3: Qualification: at least BA
4: City: Islamabad Rawalpindi or nearby
5: Two latest pictures
6: Picture of front and back of CNIC.

Personal information
Name: Rukayya Khan
Age: 29
Status: Single
Educational details:
Qualifications: Master’s degree in Gender Studies from Fatima Jinnah Women’s University.
Other details Completed tafseer and hadees course from Alhuda Islamabad.
Religion details:
Religion: Islam
Actor: Awan
Housing details:
For rent in Rawalpindi Family details:
Father’s Occupation: Sai
Mother’s occupation: Housewife
Siblings: 3 people (2 married, 1 unmarried) open their own shop
Sisters: 2 (Married)
Want a respectful and gentle family that knows the values ​​of Islam.

Personal information:
1: Gender: Female
2: Name: XYZ
3: Age: 27
4: Height:5.7
5: Weight: 50
6: Marital status: Single
7: If divorced/reason/children:

2⃣ Education details:
1: Features: m.com (Accounting and Finance
2: School:
3: College:
4: University:

3⃣ Job details:
1: Rank/position: Banker
2: Income:
3: Job description: Banking sector
4: Future plans: No work after marriage.

4⃣ Religion details:
1: Religion: Islam
2: Caste: Chaudhary jutt
3: Sect: Sunni

5⃣ House details:
1: Own a home/rent: Own Allahdulillah.
2: Size:
3: Location: Gyaban-e-Iqbal
4: Other features if available:

6⃣ Family details:
1: Father’s Occupation: Late
2: Mother’s occupation: Housewife
3: Siblings: Two brothers both have their own businesses.
4: Sister: 3 sisters
5: Married: 1 brother and 1 sister.

7⃣ Address:
1: Current city: Rawalpindi
2: Hometown:
3: Location: Rawalpindi

8⃣ Your needs:
1: Age limit: 27 to 29 years.
2: Height: 5.7 to 5.8
3: Cities: Rawalpindi and Islamabad
4: Caste: Good Caste and Speak Urdu
5: Qualifications: Minimum education must be a Master’s degree.
6: A young woman’s residence after marriage.
7: If willing to move:
8: Other specific needs: Good-looking, educated, decent boy from a good/gentle family.

Name:Samina Mansour
Actor: awan
Father’s occupation: Contractor
Siblings: 2 brothers, 1 sister
Qualifications: Master’s degree
Address: shah Allah ditta D-12, Islamabad
Requirements: Educated family.

Personal information ️
1: Gender: Female
2: Name: #Advocate Ujala Chaudhry (#LLB)
3: Age: 26
4: Place of Birth: Born and raised in Kuwait.
5: Marital status: Single
6: Skin: Fair
7:Height: 5’3
8: Weight: 50 kg
♣️Education details ♣️
1: Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws from The University of #London.
Diploma in Law from the University of London
O’Levels from Kuwait (Cambridge)
A’Levels from #Kuwait (Edexel)
♣️Job details:♣️
1: Position: #Lawyer (#Department of Foreign Affairs)
️️ Religion details: ️️
1: Religion: Islam
2: Sect: Sunni
3: Caste: Rajput
♣️Property details♣️
1: House(Rent/Own): Own house in Bahria Town Islamabad.
️️Family details♣️
1: Father’s : Businessman
2: Mother: Housewife
3: Siblings: 3
4: Sisters: None
5: Married siblings: none
♣️ Address: ♣️
1: Current address: #Kuwait
2: Hometown: Islamabad
️️Your needs ️️
1: Age: 28-32
2: Height:
3: Qualifications: Solicitor, Solicitor or Chartered Accountant.
4: Preferred Sect: Sunni

Personal information
Name: Ambreen (#Pharmacist)
Age: August 1989
Status: Single
Height: 5.3
Weight: 55
Disability: none
2⃣ Education details:
School: Olevels, OPF Girls College, Islamabad
College : FSC, OPF Girls College, Islamabad
University: Doctor of Pharmacy and MPhil Gold Medal from Riphah International University.

3⃣ Career details:
Job/Business: Work in a positive position on a USAID-funded health project.
Income: good
Family income: good
. 4⃣ Religion details:
Religion: Islam
Sect: Sunni
Actor: Khan (Punjab)
5⃣ Residence details:
House owned/rented: Owned
House size: 10 marla
Other features: N/A
Current city: Islamabad
Basically it belongs to: Lahore
Nationality: Pakistani
6⃣ Family details:
Father’s Occupation: Journalist (retired civil servant)
Mother’s occupation: educator
Siblings: No.
Older sister: One
Married: No
7⃣ Your needs:
Age limit: 33 to 39
City: Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore
Actor: Whatever
Qualifications: Professional qualification/Master’s degree
Other requirements: Punjabi-speaking family.

Name: Kainat Irshad Abro
Height 5 feet 6
Education: MBA from Bahria University isb
Bachelor of Business Administration from COMSATS University
Father’s Occupation: DSP ISB Police
Mother: House wife
Siblings: 3 older sisters, 1 older brother, 2 younger brothers
Caste: Abro
Living in the isb f-6 sector

Name: XYZ

Age : 25
Height: 5’6
Caste: Rajput
Qualification: Doctor (MBBS)
City/Country: Sialkot Pakistan
Name of educational institution: Shalmar Medical and dental College, Lahore
City: Sialkot Cantt

Family details

Father’s name: ABC
Occupation: Lawyer
Mother : Artist
Younger sisters: 2 (both studying at medical college)

life partner requirements

Well educated and moral
MBBS from sailkot
look good
open actor
high society boy

1: Name: xyz
2:Age: *35 years old*
3: Gender: Female*
4: Marital Status: Not married
5: Color: fair
6: Height: 5 feet 4 inches
7: Nationality: Pakistani
1: Qualification: MPhil Psychology (Major in Pakistan Army)
1: Religion: Islam
2: Caste: *Jut*
3: Sect: Ahl-e-Sunnah
1: House Owned/Rented: * Own House in Gujrat (4 Khlongs)
2:Other qualifications: *Yes, own a school.
3: Work/Business: Major in AMC (Army Medical Core)
1:Father: *retired* Spanish nationality
2: Mother: Housewife
3: Brother: 2 brothers (both Spaniards, 1 doctor, 1 businessman)
4: Sisters: 3 (2 settled in Europe, one holds an MBA
1:Current city: Gujrat xyz
age: 30-38 years
City: nearby
Caste: Jut
Other requirements:
Qualifications: Army personnel (Major)
Height: 5.5 feet

*Female 24.Single 5’4, (Rajput Bhatti), DPT, small family, 12 Marla, Lahore.

Personal information

Full name: Rimsha Aslam
Birth date: 30-10-1998
Status: Single
Weight: 45
Color: Fair
Religion: Islam
Maslak: Sunni
religious status (Religious/Moderate/Liberal):Moderate
Caste: Rajput Bhatti
Mother tongue: Urdu
Ancestry belongs to: Punjab

Disability: none

Career information

Features: PTT
Occupation: Housework DPT
Monthly income: currently none

Future plans: Work in a hospital

family information

Father’s Occupation: Abroad (Kuwait)
Mother’s occupation: Housewife
Total number of siblings: 0
Total number of siblings: 3

Married siblings: 3

Housing information

Residence status (Own/Rent): Own
House size (yards/marla) 12 marla
Residential area: Sanda (Lahore)
City of residence: Lahore
Nationality: Pakistani

Family status (low/middle/high class): middle

Affiliate Requirements

Age limit: Up to 24 to 26 years.
Height: Minimum 5 feet 7 inches.
Skin tone: fair
Status: Single
Education: Minimum Master’s degree
religious status (Religious/Moderate/Liberal): Religion

Personal information
Name: Dr. Farah
Status: Single

2⃣ Education details:
feature :
-MBBS from Avicenna Medical College
-FSc from Punjab group of colleges
– Matrix from the Azam Army
3️⃣Religion details:
Religion: Islam
Sect: Sunni
Actor: Mughal
4️⃣Residential details:
House in the DHA Phase 8 project
City: Lahore
5️⃣ Family details:
Father’s Occupation: Businessman
Mother : Housewife
Siblings: 2 older brothers

name: ..
Age: 26
Height: 5’4
Status: Never married
belongs to karachi

Will move to the United States (Apply for an immigrant visa)

Education: Bachelor of Arts

Work: Never

Family details:
Mother: Housewife It belongs to Faisalabad.
Father: Police Inspector, belongs to Abbotabad.
Siblings: 2 younger brothers

Language: English, Urdu

City of Residence: Karachi (DHA)

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