Songs for every moment of your wedding.

If you are choosing key songs for your wedding. Maybe you need a little inspiration. This is something our engaged lady has been asking us for a long time, so I’m asking for help. vinyl mix sound To help, we’ve put together a list of suggestions for each special moment in your wedding. Read on to find song options for each stage of your wedding.


For the ceremony there will be 3 important songs that you must choose. (Aside from the traditional songs that are part of your chosen ceremony type: Civil, Religious) Here we would like to leave you with some advice. vinyl mix sound For these times:

For the entrance to the procession:

For the bride’s entrance:

As for the couple’s departure:

Be sure to check with the officiant at your ceremony. (Especially if it’s a religious ceremony) whether they allow you to choose alternative or pop music. Because if it’s a very original song They’ll give you a list of approved songs, and you’ll have to choose from that list.

Welcome cocktail

The welcome cocktail is a small parenthesis. Between the ceremony and the party Music plays an important role and vinyl mix sound He advised us to choose a genre for this session that was up to an hour long.

Here we’ll leave you with 3 ideas, along with sample songs for each:

Entrance of the bride and groom

The entrance of the bride and groom is therefore a special moment. vinyl mix sound It is suggested that you think of a song that represents you as a couple. Here they share ideas for different style couples:

For couples who love old songs:

For romantic couples:

For alternative couples:

Dance of the bride and groom

A newlywed couple’s first dance is one of the highlights of a wedding. vinyl mix sound Recommended 5 songs for couples of various styles:

For couples who love old songs:

For romantic couples:

For alternative couples:

bride dancing with father

One of the most emotional moments of a wedding is when the bride dances with her father. Here are his 3 recommended options for you. vinyl mix sound: :

The groom dances with his mother.

After the bride dances with her father The groom also came with his father. Here are the top 3 song choices. vinyl mix sound At the moment:

bride dancing with mother

vinyl mix sound He told us that if for some reason you can’t or want to dance with your dad. I can dance with my mother. Here we leave you 3 options:

bride dancing with brother

Don’t want or can you dance with mom? Maybe you want to dance with your brother or someone important in your life. For that vinyl mix sound Presenting you these songs:

to open the track

When the dance is over vinyl mix sound It is recommended that you open the floor so that all the guests can dance and start the party with everything. For that they share these song selections with you:

Let’s start with the Latin rhythm:

For 70s lovers:

For a more modern option:

for bouquet

When you blow a bouquet You can select more than 1 song. Here is an example. vinyl mix sound Of the songs you can choose:

How to invite a woman to court:

To start launching a bouquet:

For the league

How to invite a man to court:

with this item We’re sure you’ll find the inspiration or even the songs you need for each moment of your wedding.

Do you need help choosing your songs?

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