Standards for matching between daughters and sons

There is no clear answer to what parents look for in their children, as every parent may have different requirements, expectations and preferences. They may have different standards in choosing partners for their sons and daughters. It depends on their culture, religion, beliefs, and interests. However, some general considerations that parents may consider when matching daughters and sons are:

Income and Education:

Parents may search for a suitable partner who has more education and/or income than their son or daughter. They can also support partners who are respectful and stable in their careers.

(a) Family and background:

Parents can search for a suitable partner who shares or is compatible with their son or daughter’s family and background. They may also take into account things like race, religion, caste, community and geography.

(b) Characteristics and Interests:

Parents may search for a suitable partner who shares or compliments their son or daughter’s personality and hobbies. When they begin the process of matching their daughter or son. They may take factors such as their values, goals, hobbies, and lifestyle into account.

Charm and appearance:

Families look for suitable partners who are attractive or beautiful. and who can stimulate their child’s physical and emotional needs. It also takes into account things like age, health, height, and weight.

(a) Compatibility:

Parents may choose a spouse who has the same personality, hobbies, views, goals, and lifestyle as their child. Whether it is matching a daughter or a son, they can also consider things like chemistry, attractiveness. and communication

(b) Character:

When choosing a partner Parents will look for someone who will treat their child with compassion, respect, and honesty. They may also consider factors such as maturity, responsibility, and trustworthiness. And morality too

(C). happiness:

Parents search for a partner who supports their child’s development, well-being, and happiness. They may also consider things like love, affection, and commitment.

matching daughters Or son: is the task simple or complex?

Not sure if choosing a partner for your son or daughter will be more difficult. Because many parents People may encounter different opportunities and problems. The following considerations may affect how easy or challenging it is to find your son or daughter a partner:

1. Access and availability of possible contests:

There may be more or less expected competition. It depends on the region, culture, community, and preferences of parents and daughters. When looking for possible matches Parents may use a variety of techniques or locations. Including social media sites Matrimonial Apps, Agencies, Networks, and Live Broadcasts

2. Expectations and preferences of parents and daughters:

There may be more or less requirements to meet in order to find the most suitable match. Depending on the values, objectives, and personalities of parents and daughters, there may also be conflicting or inconsistent expectations or preferences between daughters’ parents that call for discussion or compromise.

3. Participation and cooperation of parents and daughters:

There may be more or less participation and cooperation in the matching process. Depending on the relationship, communication, and trust between the daughter’s parents, parents and daughters may also have different opinions or emotions about a possible match. This may require respect or understanding.

4. Suggestions and results of the matching process:

There may be more or less feedback and results from the matchmaking process. This depends on the expected capacity, volume and frequency of matches. The data and results can trigger a variety of reactions or responses from parents of daughters. This may require patience or persistence.

Standards for matching between daughters and sons

Parents love their children equally. But the bitter truth is that sons often stand one step higher than girls in our society. So while there is time to choose partners for their children, parents have different standards for matching daughters and set high standards for sons. It seems that sons are given special consideration in our culture. This is because spending more time with them. So they received more encouraging words. And their skills are often held in high esteem.

Even though parents adore their children, sometimes there are differences between sons and daughters. This is because some parents give more importance to their time, attention, and love to their sons than to their daughters. When the time comes for your child to choose a relationship. Parents often show some bias when choosing between daughters and sons. They consider their rights in doing so. and have a wide range of priorities, desires, and choices.

Pairings for sons:

Every parent starts daydreaming about a beautiful “bahu” (daughter-in-law) with all the qualities as soon as their son reaches marriageable age. When the son doesn’t get the woman he wants Some parents are also starting to contact matchmakers to help them find the right match. They desired women who were young, beautiful, wealthy, intelligent, and obedient. Some began campaigns to visit girls’ homes. Enjoy the entertainment and etiquette set by the girls’ parents.

They feel it is their responsibility to discover anything unusual with each visit. They believed that their son was a prince charming worthy of the most beautiful girl. Boys’ parents also want girls to have a strong foundation. But participation from the girl’s parents is intolerable.

matching daughters: :

Gender preferences such as age, height, and education of partners show large differences. We also discovered that in our country Parents treat their sons differently than girls. Usually, parents want their daughters to have respectful men. However, on the other hand, they also want simple and innocent women for their sons.
When girls reach marriage age Parents are also busy trying to find a better half for their daughter. Girls, unlike boys, rely more on their parents’ opinions than vice versa. Boys feel comfortable and free to make any decisions. However they want Whether it is a career or a life partner, parents desire to find men for their daughters who will be obedient. Responsible and widespread, being able to provide your daughter with a lavish lifestyle.

Final thoughts:

It’s true that your parents are the people who know you best. They desire to get the best results for you. For this reason, parents are increasingly using the rishta app to find a compatible partner for their children. and use matching services for daughters and sons Simply because compared to the general method Modern apps and websites offer more benefits. They give people more options to explore the competition.
Online rishta services are a more contemporary approach than conventional methods. It allows parents and people to look for partners who match their choices, such as age, height, location or education. However, traditional methods of choosing a partner still exist and the matching process still involves parents, so Take the initiative and visit if you want a suitable life partner for your daughter or son. Use Simple Rishta, an online rishta website, to overcome the challenge of finding an ideal partner. After registering You can create a profile of your child in this trusted app.

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