Tips for organizing a photo itinerary for your wedding.

Are you in the process of planning your wedding itinerary? Please read these tips he shared with us. Reuben Chan photo So you can choose the best time to take your wedding photos.

We sit together. Reuben Chan photo And we’re asking you to share your best tips for your wedding day photography schedule.

What is the most important moment in wedding photography?

“Every moment is extremely important. But at least what I want is for everyone to take photos beyond what they expect to see. And which moment is clear to me?
I try to go a little beyond those moments. And at a wedding there is always something going on. I really value the people around you, the people who hug you, the people who buy you alcohol. The person who comes to dance with you…because in my understanding The person who comes closest in many ways. The case is a loved one. You are the greatest and you deserve those photos.

During a wedding, a lot of things happen that you can’t see and that’s what I try to capture the moments that you can’t see. Personally, I love taking pictures of him with his grandparents because I don’t have them anymore. And I would like to have them in my wedding memories.”- Reuben Chan photo

In summary, don’t just think about ordinary moments like the first kiss and the bride and groom dancing. dancing with parents The newlywed couple’s time or with their families

How much time should you allocate to each shoot?

“I think the ideal time for bridal photography is 20 to 30 minutes maximum. I understand that weddings aren’t perfect and timing can be affected by various circumstances. Each day and rhythm of the wedding

Personally, in 15 minutes, I think you can take beautiful photos that truly express the nature of the newlyweds. If you have more time You can start doing more challenging things and experiment a little with where the session takes place. (This may take up to 30 minutes)

An important point to consider when you’re putting together your photo itinerary is whether you’ll need transportation. (to the ceremony and/or reception) or not? If you do not have transportation available It gives us a time advantage with photos. And we can take advantage of longer sessions.” – – Reuben Chan photo

Is it recommended to check before the ceremony?

“It is now fashionable to do a pre-ceremony session along with the first look, which I love because it feels so fresh and has so much emotion and support. Although you have to be careful. But it’s not for everyone. You need to know yourself well as a bride or groom because there are times when stress can make you unable to focus because you know the event is coming up.

There are two advantages that I feel stand out when organizing a wedding before the ceremony:

  1. The first is if your wedding is at night. Your session will still be during the daytime. And you have definitely chosen an absolutely stunning wedding venue and it will be reflected in your photos. (At night it may not look as bright as it should unless the lighting of the place is very good.)

  2. Another advantage is that from now on Your wedding will be super smooth. And I will dedicate myself 100% to documenting your wedding without stopping the official part.

If for some reason you don’t want to take photos before the ceremony or it is very complicated. You can take pictures later. My advice is to time this session well, minute by minute, to carry out the ceremony (the last thing you want is to rush).” – – Reuben Chan photo

Will the session time be different if there are many people?

“Yes, it varies. There were many couples who wanted to take pictures with all the guests. And how long it will take depends on how many guests there will be. The last thing you want is for you to spend all your time standing around with people waiting for everyone to pass so you can get on with the wedding. It can be tiring and time consuming.

That’s why my advice is to make a list of the people that are most important to you. (The whole family, grandparents, godparents people who travel far Ladies and Gentlemen, etc.) and then check the time with your wedding or wedding coordinator. Plan and move forward as much as possible. These photos are usually taken after the ceremony and before the bride and groom enter. And if the photo has already been taken There may be time for you to move forward with more guests.

If you don’t have time to take more photos, don’t worry, there will always be time during the party for them to dance and celebrate with the other guests.” – – Reuben Chan photo

The most important thing in choosing a shooting time

“The most important thing is that the bride and groom feel comfortable. I am responsible for the photos. That’s what I came here for. And they hired me The best thing for couples is that you know what you want. If you choose a special time You must be committed to making the most of the moment. Because those photos from a specific period are the ones you want to share and enlarge to have a painting in your home.”- Reuben Chan photo

What if you have little time to take photos that day?

“Good planning with a coordinator is ideal. I tried to make a video call with my partner at least twice. The first time we got to know each other And I will tell them about how I work. And how I got the pictures you see on my website, if possible, another video call is for the coordinator to talk about the time before they have their final travel plans to express their opinions and. See how much they can move. So that they don’t feel pressured.

We know there are always delays. But you shouldn’t feel pressured. Because as a photographer I was able to take beautiful photos in a short period of time. And so will the photographer you choose for your wedding.

And finally, keep in mind that if times are complicated on your wedding day and you feel like you don’t have any photos, There is also the option to do the session the day after the wedding and always in a more calm and carefree way.”- Reuben Chan photo

If you hire a photo shoot for a limited time How do you manage to cover the most important moments?

“In this case, planning and communication are optimal. It’s important that you keep these four points in mind:

  1. How many guests do you have?

  2. If it is a single ceremony or if there are two ceremonies (religious and/or civil)

  3. Consider what’s most important to you, like starting early with Getting Ready or finishing late with a party. Because you know your guests are a big party.

  4. Identify the moments that matter most to you and let your photographer know, for example if the outfit has special meaning. Want to take a photo with someone special? If entrances are very important to you…everything that you feel is important and that isn’t clear to us, like moments, first kisses, first dances, etc.

As a result, you can decide when you want the photographer to start or end.” – – Reuben Chan photo

One final important tip.

“Finally, the best advice I can give you is to be clear about what you want and what’s most important to you that day. For every couple and wedding it’s different. Sometimes the photoshoot can be very short. But it’s because the couple wants to party more. There were long moments because both of them took that special moment very seriously.

Remember that your wedding is a time for the two of you. Your decision to share it with friends and family is special. But this party is also about you and your memories.” – – Reuben Chan photo

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