Wedding Mother Protocol

Today we’re spending a little time talking with you about bridesmaids’ protocols. Let’s have a look…

The figure of the godmother at the wedding plays a very important role in the event and is the most important person after the bride and groom, along with the best man.

The godmother will have different key moments at the wedding, such as the arrival at the church, the entrance, and if decided, the dance with the groom. But even she played a big role in some moments. But the main role is given to her, corresponding to the newlyweds.

Her most important job is to accompany the groom to the altar. and became his excellent assistant in those times of anxiety.

As a general rule, the groom and godmother arrive at the church gate approximately 20 to 15 minutes early, where they will serve as hosts to guests. and has a duty to welcome

When it’s time to go to church A few minutes before the bride arrived The godmother will lean on the right arm of the groom, that is, the groom will be on the left and she will be on the right. When they reached the altar, they stood and waited for the bride. When the bride arrives The bride and groom will be in the center and the godmother will stand to the right of the groom.

Another of his duties is to be aware of all the wedding planning and organization and help the couple with anything they need. He will also be one of the few people who will have the opportunity to see the bridal gown if that happens. she wants it

The first dance with the groom is reserved for the godmother. After the wedding dance In the event that both of them decide to do so At that time the best man will also dance with the bride.

It is always up to you to follow the established protocols for the celebration. It is true that the type of ceremony chosen must involve following more or less formalities, since in a civil wedding the formalities will be more. Informal.

There are usually a few small details for the godmother. And if it’s the dress you wear on your wedding day, it will feel even more sentimental. In the case of the bride, it can be things like a bouquet of flowers, accessories for your hairstyle. or some jewelry and in the case of the groom, a handkerchief or cufflinks.

Godmother’s outfit

set: The godmother should wear simple dresses, simple cuts, and a modest boat or V-neck neckline. Should use neutral tones. and avoid bold colors Pastel or powder tones work best: light grays, light blues, and pastel pinks. And if it’s at night Navy blue is allowed. The godmother can stay for a long time even if it is a daytime wedding.

Extra blankets and gloves are recommended:

glove: They are used at both winter and summer weddings. In combination with French sleeves, the mantilla can be successfully shown off. It’s true that you need to know how to carry and use it, mainly considering that the shorter the sleeves, the longer the gloves should be. It is very important to remove your right glove when greeting. and use the left hand to hold it. Moreover, when entering the church and during banquets You also need to remove them. They are undoubtedly very luxurious accessories.

blanket: Its use depends on the groom’s attire, and the mantilla can only be used at weddings where the groom is wearing a gala or morning suit. This is what the protocol states. But this is not always taken into account. Reserved for religious ceremonies This is because it originates from the tradition of wearing head coverings in churches. Therefore, it is not used in civil weddings.

If the godmother chooses a short dress The length of the robe should not exceed the length of the dress. The groom’s height should also be taken into account when choosing the size of the comb. The use of shawls in the same color as the dress became widespread. But the right color for a godmother’s shawl is black. A white veil is reserved for the bride in case she wishes to use it. To prevent it from being blown away by the wind. It can be attached to the shoulder with a black-headed pin. The best time to remove it is when the bride takes off her veil.

Hairstyle: I recommend that you tie your hair up. And the type of hair tying depends on the headdress you wear. If you wear a hat or Pamela You should choose a low hair style that does not cause hair to fall out.

decorations: for jewelry Stick to muted colors, wear long earrings, and avoid maxi necklaces.

put on makeup: It should be natural, calm and classic, making the eyes stand out. In principle You should feel like yourself with the makeup you have chosen so that you will feel more comfortable.

In general, you should feel comfortable in your choice of clothing, and even if it’s very elegant, be natural. Be honest with your style and don’t wear anything that makes you uncomfortable, as it will make you feel uncomfortable. and It is much better if done without any supplements. that might make you feel that way

We wouldn’t want to end without thanking Pili, the godmother, and Ignacio, the groom, for providing this photo to us. And to our Lucia who doesn’t have time to carry everything😂

It is very difficult to choose a godmother from a large number of May couples, representing the protocol that we just described to you. Because our godmother of 2022 is all holy.

That’s all for today. I hope you find it useful! Next month, tip in May again in “May’s Blog” and until then We’ll see you from wedding to wedding!

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