What information to include in your wedding invitation?

If you are starting to look at invitation topics for your wedding. Shows that you’ve come to the right place. Today we ask for help from Fabiola Gordillo. My Paper Boutique Bride To resolve any questions about what you need to order To assemble and send

Your wedding invitation is the first presentation your guests will have on this big day. So they are an important part. So we understand that you want to submit correctly and that you may have questions about the process. Here we give you all the advice you need.

What information should I include in the invitation?

Let’s start with the most important thing. The basic information required for your invitation is:

  • name

  • date

  • location

  • Dress

  • gift table

We share tips for each piece of information:

Name: It is customary to include a name. (no last name) of a couple who are about to get married According to tradition The names of each person’s parents are also added.

Date: When is the most important thing after who? It’s important that you have the final date of the wedding in mind when you start designing your invitations.

Location: The main invitation usually includes where the ceremony will be held and details of where the reception will be held. You can also add maps to make traveling easier.

Dress code: It is important for your guests to know how to dress for the day.

Gift Table: So they can support this new chapter in their newlyweds’ lives.

When should I send my order?

To do so You need to take into account several factors:

  1. Time spent on design

  2. Information you must have

  3. typing time

  4. Delivery time

  5. What type of wedding will it be? (destination or local)

All in all, we recommend that you start the invitation process about 6 to 7 months before your wedding.

Design and printing time is something you need to check with your invitation card supplier. In My Paper Boutique Bride Design lead time is 2 weeks and printing is 3 to 4 weeks, depending on model and quantity.

Delivery time depends on the number of invitations to be delivered and the destination. But we recommend that you consider at least 2 weeks for delivery and keep in mind that for local weddings. You need to have them shipped at least 2 months before the wedding and destination. Wedding at least 3 months before the wedding date

What is the standard invitation size?

Couples are getting more creative with printed invitations. You can make it in any size and color. My Paper Boutique Bride The standard and favorite size is 14 x 16 cm.

How much does an invitation cost?

The same goes for everything related to weddings. Prices vary greatly depending on paper size and quantity, but in My Paper Boutique Bride They range from $35 to $50 pesos each.

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