What is a pop-up wedding?

Anytime, anywhere wedding is the motto of this pop-up wedding. Read on to learn more and make this a reality.

Pop-up wedding in Huatulco, Oaxaca

What is a pop-up wedding?

Pop Up Weddings is a practical, elegant and “out of the box” global wedding project born in Portugal by tailor and wedding planner Rui Mota Pinto and celebrant João Jonas. Let’s escape together. mini wedding and renewal of vows

Traditional Pop Up Weddings last approximately 3 hours with a maximum of 15 guests, but can be expanded to a full day program. Pop Up Weddings is based on creating unique experiences. Full of romance, happiness, and wonderful moments with your partner and dearest people. It is a simple and memorable event. Where you can celebrate love by giving us the opportunity to make it a big event.

How did this idea and project come about?

It is a project that was born in Portugal but can now be found in 9 countries, 15 destinations.

What’s amazing about this wonderful project is that the entire experience was designed by professional wedding planners with experience in their respective destinations. Therefore, they combine unique experiences from each location.

What qualifications or experience does Pop-up Wedding have?

We tell you the characteristics of this type of wedding:

  • It is a wedding with a maximum of 15 people attending.

  • Including the ceremony, makeup and hair, bouquet, brooch, ceremony setting. Minister of Ceremony and Photographer

  • The last includes a glass of wine and cake.

As you can see The most relevant points of a wedding are included to create the perfect atmosphere to celebrate love.

Pop-up wedding photos in Mazunte, Oaxaca

Destinations with Pop Up Weddings

Within Mexico, this concept currently exists in:

  • Mexican Caribbean and Vineyards

  • San Miguel de Allende and its enchanting city

  • Oaxaca and the coast

  • Mexico City and surrounding places

  • Puebla and the magical city

  • Veracruz

Advantages of a pop-up wedding

Because it is a pre-designed experience by experts. So there is absolutely no stress. It is also a magical, romantic and above all magical experience. It was celebrated with the people closest to the couple and the photos were absolutely gorgeous.

During the epidemic We learn to celebrate life. Be grateful that we are in this world. Appreciate the things that really matter. And above all to celebrate love, a Pop Up Wedding can be used to renew vows, on anniversaries, but beyond that. All to celebrate love

Pop up wedding photos in Oaxaca Oaxaca

The ideal types of couples for these weddings:

  • For couples who want to break the mold and do something different for their wedding.

  • For couples who don’t want to have a big wedding.

  • For couples who don’t want to plan the details but just live in the present.

  • For couples looking for a unique destination.

  • For couples who don’t want to have a traditional wedding.

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