Remote work-from-home nursing jobs

Remote work-from-home nursing jobs may be a dream of the past. But due to technology and the rapid adoption of virtual work in many industries, Along with the global pandemic highlighting the critical importance of healthcare work – nursing – work from home is more prevalent than ever.

Telehealth nurses provide phone support, advice, and follow-up to patients. They can also work in case management and recruitment. Remote nursing helps the elderly and immunocompromised patients. Including patients who live in rural areas far from medical facilities. Can receive care more easily Most remote work-from-home nursing jobs are a combination of telework and travel. And there may be restrictions regarding the location.

Remote work-from-home nursing jobs are an exciting new career that is beneficial to many hospitals and clinics. For current or aspiring RNs, a remote position is exactly what they are looking for.

If you want to become an RN or go back to school for a nursing degree. You may want telenursing to be your career goal. Learn more about remote nursing and how to prepare for an exciting professional nursing career. This includes long-distance options.

Can registered nurses work from home?

It may sound irrational or strange. But nursing professionals have many options to choose from when doing their homework. Remote nursing jobs are available for those looking for them. Not all hospital RNs can work directly with patients at the bedside. But in reality, many hospital RNs can work anywhere in the world. Due to technology and the medical industry changing all the time. Professional nurses therefore have remote options available.

Although most nursing is done in a clinic or hospital, But there are work-at-home jobs for nurses. Some of these jobs are in the telehealth field and allow you to practice telemedicine. Others require skills beyond a nursing degree, such as project management experience or an IT background.

Many chores for nurses involve an office location and require a license in a particular country. Some are contract work and telecommunications work, while others are Involves part-time or full-time telecommuting

Find the best nursing jobs here. Have a nursing certificate but are tired of being tied up in one place? Consider one nursing job that will help you put your training to use. With the latest advancements in telecommunications You may be able to practice nursing from the comfort of your home.

Nursing jobs that work remotely from home

Recruiting health care workers

Recruiters are responsible for identifying talented professionals. Supervise the recruitment manager. Participate in recruitment activities and other work related to finding and selecting reputable employees. Nursing is just one professional background that health care professionals come from.

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Nurses in these positions are usually full-time employees. Not an independent contractor This is because most of this type of work involves the use of telephones and computers. As a result, a lot of recruiting work is being done remotely. This is despite the fact that you may need to meet the team on site or travel to attend industry events.

nursing informatics

IT jobs generally allow employees to work from home. And nursing informatics work fits this mold as well. However, before you can start working remotely, You must gain experience from working in an office first. Therefore, the transition to working from home has been smoother.

Nurses who find dealing with patients stressful and dealing with computers more than stressful Couldn’t ask for a better location. As a media nurse Your main goal is to improve patient outcomes by maintaining and developing medical information and systems. You will be the bridge between IT professionals and nurses. And most of your business will integrate analytics to influence patients over the long term. This role requires a high level of technical skills. But in the end Your efforts will help improve the quality and speed of care.

Clinic Appeals Nurse

The clinical appeals nurse denied the compensation claim and proceeded with an appeal review. A clinical appeals nurse analyzes claims or cases of denial of coverage. They review the information and medical code records to determine if the denial is reasonable. Or should I file an appeal? health care regulations Information of medical staff Pre-existing conditions and others are part of this consideration. The clinical appeal nurse will submit a report and notify stakeholders. and may assist patients in getting answers to their questions. All of this can be done remotely in most cases. To use this function You will need to be an RN first in most cases.

Auditor Nurse

Nursing auditors review the financial statements of hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies. They review medical records to review medical necessity. Quality of care Insurance claims, etc. They are looking for accuracy and compliance. They can also review denials and appeals. Make sure you use the best billing methods, etc. Healthcare software and technology allow nursing examiners to work from home. Experience as an RN is key to success in this job.

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Medical service center representative

Working in a healthcare center is available to nurses who wish to transition to working from home without the need for additional qualifications or experience. Medical service center nurse performs screening. Give medical advice or monitor the patient’s well-being and healthy habits. Insurance companies and medical contractors hire nurses for these jobs. Whether they are employees or independent contractors Online training is often done at home as well. These jobs are usually reserved for RNs and BSNs, although there are also chores available to LPNs.

Companies that employ nurses who work remotely from home


Aetna provides a wide range of health insurance services and products. Includes medical, pharmacy, dental, behavioral health, disability, and group life plans. to more than 50 million members network. Aetna serves both groups and individuals in all 50 states.

National Anthem Inc.

Anthem, Inc. serves one in nine Americans. and is recognized as the nation’s largest for-profit healthcare company. Anthem, Inc. and its subsidiaries serve nearly 73 million members across the United States. It provides services and products that help members receive the care they need to live healthy lives.

Care Centrix

CareCentrix connects patients with care at home. With more than 8,000 certified provider locations and customer care centers, CareCentrix is ​​committed to helping providers and patients navigate the complex home care system. and provide service and support throughout every step of the healing process.

CVS Health

CVS Health is a leading healthcare company and the nation’s largest provider of medical and prescription services. It creates more than 1 billion prescriptions annually. CVS Specialty, CVS Pharmacy, CVS MinuteClinic and CVS Caremark operate, and CVS Health serves an average of 5 million customers daily.

which goes forward

Forward is a membership-based healthcare delivery model that aims to help more people access quality care at a lower cost. Advanced members have access to a 24/7 care team. private primary care physician health training Off-site blood work, vaccinations, travel medicine and access to personal health information via mobile phone

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