Zaroorat rishta unmarried young woman on urgent basis #4

Zaroorat rishta unmarried young woman on urgent basis #4

Personal information
Name.. Sana
Age: 32
Marital status: Not married
Disability: No
2⃣ Education details:
Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology
College :

3⃣ Career details:
Work/Business: None
Family income:
. 4⃣ Religion details:
Religion: Islam
Sect: Sunni
Actor: Rajput
5⃣ Residence details:
Home owned/rented: owned
House size: 6 marla
Other features:
Current city: Rawalpindi
Location: Islamabad
It basically belongs to:
Nationality: Pakistani
6⃣ Family details:
Father’s Occupation: Deceased
Mother’s occupation: House wife
Siblings: 2
Older sister: 3
Married: 2
7⃣ Your needs:
Age limit: 37
City: lhr, pindi or near the center of Punjab
Actor: Whatever
Qualifications: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
Sect: Sunni
Other requirements:

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