10 Best Banks for International Travelers and Expats


Moving abroad or taking a long-term trip can be tricky when it comes to managing your money.

You want banking and financial services that match your lifestyle needs. Especially accessing your accounts and funds abroad.

Choosing the right bank is important. You need a tool that offers great digital tools. Low fees and global access

Whether you are an expat living abroad or travel extensively as a digital nomad. Your ideal bank should make international banking easy and convenient.

This article reviews the top 10 best banks for international travelers and expats.

We’ll go over the features to look for and the benefits of each recommended bank. Read on to find the perfect fit for your international lifestyle.

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What to look for in a bank for travelers and expats?

When searching for bank information Please take into account the following criteria:

1. No foreign transaction fees. – These annoying fees often occur when you use a debit or credit card abroad. Avoid banks that charge money to them.

2. Withdrawals via ATM are free of fees. – Choose a bank that will refund ATM fees you charge abroad. This saves you money.

3. Access to digital banking – Easily manage your account online or through the mobile app.

4. Accessing Overseas Accounts – You should be able to access your funds from an international branch or partner bank.

5. Money transfer options – Looking for low-cost international money transfers to move funds abroad?

6. Multi-language support – English and other language options Allows you to communicate easily

Top 10 Best Banks for International Travelers and Expats

according to the above criteria This is the top choice. Our picks for the best banks for international travelers and expats:

1. Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab is great for traveling the world with great digital tools. Unlimited fee-free ATM access and no foreign transaction fees

You can open a Schwab account online remotely without having to visit a branch.

Manage your account via the web or mobile app. Withdraw money anywhere with online bill payment options.

Schwab rebates all ATM fees worldwide so you can freely access your cash. There are also no foreign transaction fees for debit cards.

Overall, Schwab makes banking while traveling abroad smooth and worthwhile.


HSBC is one of the world’s largest banks. Services include premier savings and checking accounts that let you manage your money around the world.

Access your account online, via mobile phone, or at over 4,000 international branches.

HSBC Premier Get unlimited monthly fee-free transactions at ATMs worldwide. You also get free inbound and outbound international calls.

Easily transfer money internationally with the Global Transfers feature.

With 24/7 multilingual support and an advanced digital banking system, HSBC meets the needs of global travelers and expats. You can open a Premier account remotely or in branch.

3. One capital

Capital One offers several checking accounts with great features for international use.

The biggest benefits are no foreign transaction fees and fee-free access to overseas ATMs.

Use overseas ATMs with a leading current account to withdraw cash without fees.

It also offers fast digital transfers to send money internationally. Capital One makes banking easy from anywhere.

Access accounts online and through mobile apps in the United States or abroad. With strong digital tools and exclusive global access So it is a top choice.

4. Bank of America

Bank of America serves customers around the world through branches, accounts, credit cards and more.

The Premium Rewards Card offers important benefits for travelers around the world. with no foreign transaction fees

You can open an account before traveling or moving abroad. Then perform online banking or using cards/ATMs around the world.

There are international money transfer and global remittance options available.

Bank of America has more than 4,500 branches and 16,000 ATMs in 40 countries to provide account access. They also provide support for multiple languages.

5. TD Bank

TD Bank offers access to accounts in the United States, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, and more.

Digital banking options make it easy to manage accounts and transfer money from anywhere.

TD Bank’s cross-border account allows you to seamlessly transfer money between the United States and Canada. You also get access to free in-network ATMs and free calls.

Top benefits include: No monthly fees. Monthly maintenance fee Minimum balance or foreign transaction fees

Overall, TD Bank is a top international banking option.

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6. Partner Banks

Ally Bank makes world travel and expat life easier with leading digital tools. Excellent savings rate and no monthly fees Access your account online/via mobile app 24/7.

Use the debit card worldwide with no foreign transaction fees. Ally also reimburses other banks’ ATM fees by up to $10 per month.

Easily manage your savings and checking accounts. Transfer money abroad for free Ally’s unrivaled digital banking experience facilitates global use.

7. Citibank

Citibank offers a full range of international banking services to consumers and businesses.

Access accounts at branches worldwide Citibank has more than 200,000 ATMs worldwide for fee-free access to cash.

Top-notch checking and savings accounts have no monthly fees, minimums, or foreign transaction fees.

Digital banking options allow access to accounts wherever you are. Send money to over 200 countries and 130 currencies.

Multilingual customer support and global account management make Citibank ideal for global travelers and expats. Open an account in some countries online

8. HSBC Premier

HSBC Premier provides world-class banking solutions and services for travelers and expats around the world.

Benefits such as unlimited monthly fee-free transactions at ATMs around the world make banking abroad easy.

Access your digital accounts on desktop, mobile and through more than 4,000 international branches. Send money abroad with Global Transfers or bank transfers.

Premier Monitoring has no monthly fees and there are several ways to waive other fees.

24/7 multilingual customer support provides helpful assistance wherever you are.

9. Chase

Chase offers a great bank account with travel benefits and global access.

Chase Sapphire Checking accounts have no foreign transaction fees. and access to more than 16,000 fee-free ATMs.

Use the Chase Mobile app to bank anywhere in the world. Deposit money, check balances, pay bills and more. Send money digitally with the Global Transfer feature.

Chase has more than 4,700 branches and 16,000 ATMs nationwide. Their credit cards also come with travel insurance, rewards, and perks.

10. American Express

Although not a full-service bank, American Express offers robust banking solutions for international customers.

Platinum card packs include benefits such as access to lounges around the world. Benefits/Travel Protection And there are no foreign transaction fees.

The Amex app allows account management. Control spending and can transfer money

Use digital wallet options like Apple Pay abroad or request international money transfers as needed.

American Express also partners with international banks to provide global account access.

With superior travel benefits and digital account management, it completes our top 10 list.

Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to common questions about banking abroad or while traveling long-term:

How do I access money abroad?

Choose a bank that offers free withdrawals from international ATMs. It allows access to cash without paying expensive fees.

A debit card with no foreign transaction fees allows you to make purchases abroad as well.

Can I manage my bank account digitally from abroad?

Yes, online and mobile banking make it easy to manage your finances anywhere in the world.

Just make sure your bank has robust digital account management tools before traveling or moving abroad.

What is the best way to transfer money internationally?

Banks such as HSBC, Capital One, and Citibank allow cryptocurrency transfers between accounts held in different countries. quickly

Money transfer is another option. Just be careful of high fees with some banks.

Should I inform my bank before traveling?

Yes, you should notify the bank of the country you will be visiting in advance.

This helps prevent potential account flagging or suspension due to unusual overseas spending. Providing this information to the bank ensures that you will be able to travel abroad.

How do I open a bank account remotely?

Many major banks, including HSBC, Charles Schwab, Capital One, and Citibank, all allow you to open a checking, savings, or credit card account online.

Just provide the necessary identification documents and personal details to get started.

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Choosing the right bank for your frequent international travel or living as an expat will have a direct impact on your finances.

You need flexible and convenient access to your money abroad. Including money transfer/savings options available worldwide.

The top banks listed here make it possible to manage accounts through their digital platforms on the go.

Great travel benefits such as no foreign transaction fees and access to ATM/branch locations around the world. and transferring money around the world Make banking abroad smooth

These recommended banks can provide international account features. financial tools and the excellent service you want.

Simply match your strengths with your priorities to choose the right fit.

with cooperation from appropriate international banks You can travel and live abroad worry-free knowing that your finances will be easily managed.

The financial institutions profiled in this guide will meet your specific needs. and makes it easier to manage money from anywhere.

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