Girl’s Marriage Proposal with Family Details 2023

Girl’s Marriage Proposal with Family Details 2023

Girl’s name

24 years

5 feet 5 inches

🔹Facial skin

🔹 Nationality

🔹 City where you live

🔹 Country of travel

🔹 Features
• Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
Brunel University London, Fatima Jinnah Women’s University


🔹 Caste
Goraya, Chaudhary

1 older brother

🔹Father’s occupation:
Own a business in England

Good and educated family
• Business owner
• Settle in a foreign country.

🔹 Housing
Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Name : Halima Afzal
Date of birth: 24.5 years
Status: Single
Height: 5’4”
Weight: xyz
Shape: Smart
Skin tone: fair
Education: MBA from (CUST)
Actor: Mughal
Maslak: Sunni
Single house/rent: owned
Current city: Islamabad
Other nationalities:
Family details
Father’s Occupation: Deceased
Mother’s occupation: House wife
Siblings: 4 people, including Hali.
Two brothers in Australia and a brother are working in construction in Islamabad.
Married or not married: One older brother is married.
House size: XYZ
Address: Zaraj Housing Project, Opposite Giga Mall Islamabad.
City: Islamabad
Country: Pakistan
Life partner requirements:
Age: Up to 30
Actor: Any actor But it was important to the Mughals.
Maslak: Sunni
Education: Master’s degree or higher
Height: Any
City/Country: Australia

Personal information:
1: Gender: Female
2: Name: Nochine
3: Age: 25
4: Height: 5.2
5: Weight:
6: Marital status: Single
7: If divorced/reason/children:

2⃣ Education details:
1: Qualification: Master’s Degree in Mathematics
2: School: Bahria Foundation School
3:University: International Islamic University Islamabad

3⃣ Job details:
1: Position/Position: Work in Fuji Tower Head Office.

3: Job description:
4: Future plans:

4⃣ Religion details:
1: Religion: Islam
2: Caste: janjua Rajpoot
3: Sect: Sunni

5⃣ House details:
1: Own a home/Rent: Own
2: Size:
3: Location:
4: Other features

6⃣ Family details:
1: Father. Works at Fuji Tower Headquarters.
2: Mother’s housekeeper
3: Siblings: 1(D Pharmacy)
4: Sisters: 1
5: married: married

7⃣ Address:
1: Current city: Rawalpindi
2: Hometown: Rawalpindi
3: Location:

8⃣ Your needs:
1: Age limit: 30
2: Height: 5’8
3: City: Rawalpindi / Islamabad
4: Caste: Any

5: Qualifications: At least an expert.
6: Other specific requirements: Must be a government, military, atomic sector holder, or business.
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