How to Apply for the 2023 Canada Visa Lottery (Complete Guide)


What is the visa lottery?

According to Wikipedia Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, also known as the Green Card Lottery It is a United States government lottery program for obtaining United States Permanent Resident Cards. The Immigration Act 1990 established the current and permanent diversity visa program. Wikipedia

Can I apply for the Canadian visa lottery?

After many discoveries We really found Then there is something called the visa lottery. But the Canadian government does not participate in the visa lottery at this time.

According to information from which is one of the leading private immigration agencies Canada has only one immigration program. These programs are open to anyone who has the skills required by the immigration authorities.

Additionally, in the words “Some web pages advertising the 2021 Canada Visa Lottery application are directing international visitors to our website.
Please note that It is not related to those websites. This is misleading because the Canadian government does not issue visas through a lottery. And there was no promised application form.” It is powered by Canadian Immigration Law Firm Campbell, Cohen, a privately held firm with more than 37 years of experience helping clients wish to immigrate to Canada.



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