How to become a teacher in the UK as a Nigerian or foreigner?

Nigeria, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Singapore and South Africa are listed as some of the countries where citizens can apply to become qualified teachers through the UK Teaching Regulatory Commission.

How to apply for teaching jobs in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2023

Teachers from all eligible countries must demonstrate that they meet the required criteria for a QTS award.

to have a chance Applicants must have Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Features received from Teaching Regulatory Authority (TRA)

Features and specifications:

You may ask, what qualities do I need to be a teacher? Below is a list of the qualifications you must meet to be eligible for a teaching job in the UK.

  • At least 2 years teaching experience
  • To teach children aged 3 to 11 years in primary school a qualification in Physics, Chemistry or Biology (Science) which is of the same standard as Grade 4 GCSE.
  • First degree (Bachelor’s degree) from a UK or non-UK university
  • Mathematics qualification which is of the same standard as Grade 4 GCSE.
  • English language qualification of the same standard as Grade 4 GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education)

GCSE is an academic qualification awarded for examination in England. Normally, the exam must be taken at age 16.

International qualifications

If your qualification is from a non-UK institution Evaluation-only teacher training providers may wish to look. A ‘comparability statement’ showing how they compare to UK qualifications

You can call us on 0800 389 2500 for:

  • Guidance on the equivalent of your qualifications in the UK
  • A free comparison statement is available from UK ENIC once you have submitted your application. If your carrier requests this

Your teaching experience must:

  • It consists of time spent on teaching. (as opposed to other responsibilities in school)
  • Takes place in 2 separate schools (not 2 classes within the same school or 2 school sites within the same organization)
  • Show that you have taught young people from different backgrounds.
  • Demonstrate that you are familiar with different approaches to teaching, learning and school management.

Your teaching experience may include:

  • received from all types of schools, such as international schools Schools that teach the curriculum International Baccalaureate and state schools outside the UK
  • Spend time teaching non-English language courses (Although you may need to demonstrate that you have knowledge of the subjects taught in the English language course.)
  • Split between 2 schools as long as you have a total of 2 years of teaching experience.

Note: Applicants with no teaching experience should apply for (iQTS) to be eligible. QTS is a UK Government-backed teaching qualification training.

Teaching job salary expectations in the UK

Salary range: £25,000 – £53,482

Apply for teaching jobs in the UK

There are many teaching jobs currently open on job boards in the UK.

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Applications will begin in February 2023.

About Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

Internationally Qualified Teacher Status (iQTS) is a new teaching qualification supported by the UK Government.

Delivered online by an English teacher training provider in collaboration with schools around the world.

For more information about QTS, please check here.

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