Pakistani Foreign Rishta 2023

Pakistani Foreign Rishta 2023

Personal information ️
1: Gender: Female
2: Name (CNIC): kinza
3: Relationship: Mother
4: Age: 25
5: Marital status: Single
6: Complexion: Fair
7: Height: about 5’0
8: Weight:48
9: Disability: No, Alhamdulillah.

♣️Education details ♣️
1: Qualifications: bcom’ pipfa ‘ CA (Inter)
2: School:
3: College:
4: University:icap

♣️Job details:♣️
1: Position/Rank:
2: Income:
3: Family Income:
️️ Religion details: ️️
1: Religion: Islam
2: Sect: Sunni
3: Caste: Rajput

♣️Property details♣️
1: House(Rent/Own): Own
2: Size: 5 Marla three layers
3: Any property: Yes, Alhamdulillah.

️️Family details♣️
1. Father’s occupation: Factory mechanic Alhamdillah
2: Mother: Alhamdillah Alive
3: Siblings:2
4: Sisters:2
5: Married siblings: 2 sisters and 1 younger sister Alhamdulillah.

♣️ Address: ♣️
1: Current city: Rawalpindi
2: Hometown: Islamabad
3: Location: Chakla 3 Project Rawalpindi

️️Your needs ️️
1: Age: not more than 30
2: Height: 5 feet 4 and up
3: Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree
4: City: Rawalpindi/Islamabad
Note: achi family ho or ghar APNA ho must.. or job achi ho/ ya business Jo b ho…

Personal information
Complex: Fair
Height: 5.3
Weight :56
Age 28

Educational details:

School: Fazaia inter college base nur khan : Fazaia inter college base chaklala nur Khan

University: Skans School of accountancy (ACCA) and recently started ICMA from Institute of Cost and Management Accounting h9 Islamabad.

Job details: I have been working for almost 3 to 4 years, but now I have started studying..
Father’s Occupation: Father is a civil engineer and works in the government sector. But now he runs his own construction business.

Religious details:
Ale Sunnat.
Language details: Girl knows Pashto…Urdu….English….Punjabi…She can speak and understand these languages.

Housing details:
We have 1 house at old lalazar baqir colony and another 1 flat in ghazi colony near chaklala project 2, Tipu Road, Rawalpindi….The house is under construction and in final stage.
Other properties we also have… Agricultural land and houses in vlg as well.

Family details:
Father: Muhammad Musa Khan
Mother : Housewife
We have 7 siblings…5 older sisters and a brother…2 older sisters are married.
your requirements
Age 28 to 35
Height: Height should be above 5 feet 9 inches.
Men should be highly qualified and have professional qualifications. And he shouldn’t be a teacher or a breastfeeder… Have professional qualifications such as CA, ACCA, CPA….. Doctors, experts or business people will be considered… And the boy must be handsome and good-looking and he knows it. Family values ​​and should have a good way of talking. Confident and well-groomed will be considered.
The last two pictures.

 Name  : Taliya Noor Ain

🌻Gender: *Female
🌻 City: ** Islamabad
🌻Age: **29
🌻Cast: **Jadoon
🌻Married: **Single
🌻Height: *5.8 🌻Weight*
🌻Sect: **Sunni
🌹Education: **Master of Fine Arts
🌻Job **No job
🌹 Income** /
🌻My own**house
🌻Size: **4 Mala
🌻Area: **Alipur Islamabad
🌹 Family details:
🌻Father: **Personal work
🌻Mother: Housewife
🌻Siblings: **No
🌻Sisters: 2 older sisters only
🌹 Requirements 🌻 Requirements
The priority is looking good & namazi.
🌻Age limit: *30 to 32
🌻Height: **Must be tall.
🌻City: **Pindi or Islamabad
🌻Actor: **Anything
🌻Education: **At least educated.
🌻Others: *Educated family

Customer details! Nj991
Personal information
Martial status: Single
Name: ABC
Age: 25
Height: 5”4
Health condition: fit
Skin tone: fair
Mother tongue: Punjabi
Religion: Islam
Sect: Sunni
Qualification: BS Biochemistry
Job: LGS Teacher
Monthly income:
Family details
Father’s name: abc
Father’s Occupation: IFQ Manager
Mother’s name: abc
Mother’s occupation: House wife
Total siblings: 4
Total siblings: 0
Married siblings:
Housing details
Size: 7 Marla
Rent: Rented
Complete Address: Block C PWD
City: Islamabad
life partner requirements
Age: 33 Limited
Status: Single
Actor: Whatever… Can’t speak Urdu
Sect: Suni
Education: Master’s Degree
Height: 5.6 and up
City/Country:rwp isb only important

  1. Copy paste farm m & complete
  2. Please submit 2 live photos, full and close-up (no selfies, no side poses, no sunglasses).
  3. Both sides of the CNIC applicants
    Best regards.
    Najiya Khan

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