UK Companies Hire Nigerians with Visa Support


Nowadays, due to the search for a better life Nigerians therefore leave their country to countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, etc.

This is because there are a lot of Nigerians immigrating from there. We may ask if their company is hiring with visa sponsors in Nigeria.

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So, the UK government recently released the list of companies approved to support skilled Nigerians ready to move to the UK.


  • 1 Diamond Homecare Company Limited
  • 1 Digital Europe Company Limited
  • 1 Jupiter Star Ltd t/Gurkha Oven
  • 1 Key Solution Company Limited
  • 1 Oak Home Care
  • 1 Stop Print Co., Ltd.
  • 10 Europe Limited
  • 100 Sheeps Co., Ltd.
  • 1000 Heads Company Limited
  • 100 Starlings Company Limited
  • 101 Ways Company Limited
  • 1010 Restaurant @ Blacksmith Arm
  • 1066 Plumbing and Heating Co., Ltd.
  • 1080 Properties Co., Ltd.
  • 10Architects Co., Ltd.
  • 10BE5 Co., Ltd.
  • 10TO8 Company Limited
  • 10X Future Technology Services Co., Ltd.
  • 11 Hospitality Limited T/A Holiday Inn Birmingham NEC Airport
  • 11:FS Group Co., Ltd.
  • 114 GPS Ltd T/A Sushi Restaurant
  • 11 and 12 Company Limited
  • 11K Consulting Company Limited
  • 11pcs Consultancy Company Limited

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