Capture the spirit of the space

Today we’ve rounded up 3 of our favorite areas, captured through the eyes of Juanca Lagares Photographer specializing in architectural drawing. It may be that his training in the field of architecture has given him a sixth sense that can capture space from his characteristic perspective and can convey its spirit through the screen.

Selecting just three of his works is a complex task. We encourage you to view all of his works.

The first one is this. Holiday home in Torremolinos By CM4 Arquitectos and DmasC Arquitectos

CM4 Arquitectos / DmasC Arquitectos by Juanca Lagares
Lamp elements in the dining area and glazed in bright yellow and gold tones.
CM4 Arquitectos / DmasC Arquitectos by Juanca Lagares
Staircase area viewed from above
CM4 Arquitectos / DmasC Arquitectos by Juanca Lagares

Second, the renovation was carried out by architecture studio CM4 Arquitectos in the Huerta del Rey building in Seville. catch our attention

Architect CM4
The front has a bookcase and reading area.
Sliding walls that allow you to hide your study area and connect it to other areas of the home.
Living room area and window
Architect CM4
Bedroom details

Finally we are left with an inside tour that will take us through the wonders. Fogon de Mariana restaurant Also in La Barrosa from the CM4 Arquitectos studio.

Architect CM4
Indoor dining room
Architect CM4
Architect CM4
Bar stools and covers
The dining area is next to the outside glass.
What color!
Details of interior lamps

What do you think? Do you know this photographer’s work?

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