Essential plans for a great summer.

August, the month that epitomizes summer excellence, is here. And we couldn’t miss the opportunity to share our list of “tasks” that need to be done this month to make the most of the weather and vacation. Write them down carefully because these tasks are important:

Travel or camp in the countryside

Another classic that shouldn’t be missed in your summer, and if you haven’t already. It is not until this month that you put it into practice. We are talking about field trips with family or friends in the countryside. Add points if you go camping. In addition to traveling, your little ones will have a great time. Experiencing nature and being away from the city for a few days will recharge you. Stargazing nights, story telling, afternoons on the river. Take a long walk to admire nature…

Soak up the sun and cool off in the pool (or beach).

The heat was evident and the temperatures were overwhelming. If you have little children at home A good plan is to go to the pool or beach and soak up the sun while the kids are at it. Have fun playing in the water. Collection of water bean bag from Scarpe di Legno suitable for this plan Don’t forget sunscreen.

Barbecue in the garden

The weather is the perfect excuse for a late night barbecue on the terrace or garden, music, snacks and good company. What more could we ask for? So let’s ask for this one. Puff and table set From Scarpe di Legno that seems very comfortable!

reading and relaxing

The holiday season is also a great time to read that book you’ve been wanting so much. A journey through reading and feeling good books. The expression is difficult to describe. Hammock in the shade or casually armchair They will be the perfect place to enjoy this plan, relieve stress!

An afternoon (and night) of board games

Board games are the best excuse to get away from lots of technology and have fun with friends and family. It doesn’t matter which board game you choose. Fun guaranteed

What are your plans for this summer? Tell us in the comments.

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