Take it to the next level with contemporary style.

at kitchen It is one area in the house that We can be more creative in our daily lives.. Surprise with a new dish. original taste new food recipes Exotic ingredients… Experimenting with flavors is fun and has an appealing artistic touch.

Of course, in order to enjoy and make the most of your kitchen. We must remember that we need equipment at height. In a room in the house as important as this one, choosing high-quality elements is the right decision.

The Mythos collection from Franke is one of the kitchens designed for the 21st century home, capturing the essence of the most contemporary style combining technology and components. That makes our daily lives easier through the small details (the most important ones).

Beyond traditional food

at sink from the collection They especially caught our attention. They are made into fragile rock. material with high resistance that maintains its unchanged shine and is exceptionally practical Contains 80% natural granite pigment particles per particle and 20% mixed polymethyl methacrylate (PPMA) resin. Function come from their hands Many accessories To drain and chop the ingredients These additional parts will be perfectly combined with the sink.

at range hood The build-up allows air to circulate 24 hours a day. It’s very quiet. and automatically shuts down Ideal for avoiding odors in open kitchens. At plate Flexible cooking allows you to manage two cooking zones simultaneously. Simply tap your finger to precisely control the temperature.

he Cutting-edge design Blends with any decorating style. What we want to give a room: Vintage, Industrial, Nordic… these works are available. A subtle modern touch.

Fun and creativity are the best ways we can think of to use a kitchen, and Mythos makes it possible.

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