5 techniques to help save more on your home’s electricity bills

next, We would like to present 5 tips for saving on your energy bills. of your home in a simple and smart way. These techniques are applicable no matter what type of installation you have. It’s important to remember that saving on your electricity bill not only brings you many benefits at the end of the year. But it’s also a way to help the environment. And in general, it’s important to teach children how to consume responsibly. can help them in the future.

1.- Check your electricity tariff.

If we want to save on electricity costs The first thing we need to do is review the rate we have contracted for our home. It is possible. Save on your electricity bills with cheaper rates.Just like those offered by new independent marketers.

Surprisingly, this is a fact that up to 40% of Spaniards ignore, which is to the detriment and benefit of traditional marketers. Among the various options Where the market offers to contract electricity at home These are the main options:

  • Fixed rateYou will always pay the same fee. (You will have normalization at the end of the contract)
  • Flexible rates with time discrimination.At this rate you will have two different consumption segments. And you will be able to save by consuming at the cheapest times.
  • Fixed rateIt is one of the latest trends booming in the electricity market. In this way You will always pay the same fee. And you will be able to enjoy all the energy you need.

It doesn’t matter what your contract rate is. It is important to consider other points as well:

  • Employed potential Refers to the fixed costs of your invoice. Such adjustments will save you a lot of money in the short term.
  • Time and normal consumption behavior If you consider this factor You will be able to contract a rate that meets your actual needs, for example if you spend more time at home in the evening. with flexible rates You will benefit from separating your time.

2.- Install heating control equipment.

Heating is one of the most expensive components in a home. The recommended temperature for a home is between 19°C and 21°C during the day and 15°C or 17°C at night. It must be said that in this respect the temperature increases by more than 5% with each temperature increase. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a thermostat and heating control system that can help us maintain a constant and satisfactory temperature in our home.

In the same way Maintenance of various components Related to the supply of heat to our homes is also important. Specifically, A water boiler is a component that must be inspected periodically. Not only because it can save us up to 15% of our energy, but because it is an element that must be controlled for our own safety.

The same is true for maintaining various accessories. for our boilers, such as radiators, which must be kept clean and air purged at least once a year Usually during the fall and before winter. It should not be covered with cloth or other elements. That makes heat dissipation difficult.

3.-Use and purchase electrical appliances efficiently.

There are many electrical appliances in our home that, if used well, can perfectly meet our needs and save us up to 40%, such as washing machines, refrigerators, or dishwashers. For example, Temperatures above 60°C are not recommended. In the case of a washing machine Except for removing very dirty rags. The heating function of such a machine requires two times higher than normal power at these temperatures.

In the case of the dishwasher Most of them now have an Eco function, which allows you to save a lot not only on electricity costs but also on water. We can wash dishes and kitchen equipment without wasting water and energy at the same time. In the case of the refrigerator The temperature must be maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions without dropping the temperature too much. We can also search with the Eco function that will help us save a lot.

4.-Check the insulation of your home.

Concerning energy efficiency, the home should have We recommend that you check the components. Specifically for insulating your home This is the case for components such as windows, blinds, door seals, etc. They are very weak points which A cooling bridge is built. This can represent up to 20% energy wastage caused by acclimated components.

5.- Buy more efficiently

In general, we recommend that you look for these types of functions and benefits before purchasing. All of these things can be involved. Design that incorporates Eco functions Or in general everything that allows us to save energy, in many cases it is a small additional initial investment that will save a lot of money in the medium and long term.

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