4 styles for decorating children’s rooms

Motherhood (and fatherhood) is one of the most beautiful times in life. From pregnancy and before The excitement of parenthood and the emotions felt during each phase are difficult to describe in this sense. When this new phase begins, We always want and seek the best for our children and grandchildren.

When we were waiting for the arrival of the new baby in the family. We are excited to build on their space and decorate it little by little. Every angle was created with care and attention to even the smallest details. That’s why in today’s post we’ve collected children’s bedrooms, especially babies’, with different decorating styles.

We tell you the keys and ideas for decorating your child’s bedroom in the style you love, and we recommend some products for the first year.

Bedroom for newborns

One of the classics for children’s bedrooms is nordic style or Scandinavian style The sweetness inherent in this decorating style makes it a favorite with newborn babies.

between The key to this styleFocus on using neutral colors like white, gray or black, with a range of pastels or muted tones. It is also common to use the wood in its natural state or coated with the same color.

On this basis, neutral textiles with simple or geometric prints on cotton and wool are also used. By the way, you can find the most original carry bag, stroller, car seat, high chair or hammock that is perfectly combined with any decorating style in janabebe.com

he boho style It is one of the last standout, trendy and has a Nordic vibe. This is despite the use of bright colors and darker tones that stand out more. The use of natural materials such as wood is also available. must It’s this type of interior design that can lead to a tropical style or other ethnic style depending on the decorating details we include.

For the bravest…

On the other hand, we may like More eclectic style By combining different decoration styles and colors in the middle. This type of decoration is darker and bolder with its use of colors and combinations of different types of elements and materials.

classic lover

The most classic things will not be able to resist creating a children’s bedroom. Vintage or retro style recycled furniture recycled or restored to new condition Offering more daring colors with torn or damaged embellishments, handmade wool blankets or patchwork blankets… Who can resist?

What do you think of today’s offers? What style of children’s bedroom do you like? Leave your opinion in the comments 🙂

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