4 bedrooms and the key to ultimate relaxation.

We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, about 7 hours each day. Perhaps our bed is where we spend the most hours in a row each day. Our health and performance during the day directly depend on our rest.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the bedroom is a room that we must try to take care of. nice decoration And above all, choose a mattress that is comfortable for us and helps us maintain good quality sleep. Sleeping on a good mattress can help us. To have a better memory Easier to concentrate Be more active during the day Avoid illness, improve your mood, reduce stress…

more than inspiration

Today we bring you Four inspiring bedrooms You’ll have ideas for decorating your room, and at the end of the post we’ll tell you what it might be like. The best mattress for your rest… Don’t miss it!

nordic: Neutral tones, ‘thick’ fabric, large cushions. and simple lines

least: The most Zen option, “less is more”, basic elements simple shape no fanfare

Chic: Color tones, shiny materials such as bronze or metal. classic furniture and natural wood

boho: asymmetry Textiles with different textures, plants, ethnic and ‘raw’ elements.

The perfect mattress

Obviously, choosing a good mattress is more important than necessity. So what we are wondering about is What is the perfect mattress? You will be glad to know that there is a Spanish company that collects the most common requests and tastes of users and uses the latest technology to create «The perfect mattress«.

Choosing a mattress is not something that can be done by just lying on it for a few minutes. You have to try it for several nights. To check whether it meets our needs or not. Moreover, it is clear that each person has different tastes, so Morpheus mattress for you to try using during 100 nights And if you are not sure You can return the item at no additional cost. They also provide 10 year warranty!

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